Benefits of APTARE Console Managed Services

A Storage Service For Your Customers

Enterprises worldwide rely on APTARE StorageConsole® to deliver the critical analytics they need to improve the reliability of their backup environments and reduce operating costs. Now you can offer your customers the same award-winning APTARE StorageConsole solution as your own managed service.

APTARE StorageConsole For Managed Services has been developed from the ground up as a services solution. It includes a rich set of features for you to easily requisition and manage an unlimited number of customers. You'll be able to provide them an award winning backup reporting solution through one centralized web portal.

APTARE StorageConsole Managed Services Architecture

Managed Services Architecture
The APTARE StorageConsole for Managed Services architecture is designed for easy installation and access to information. Since it is a web based software it is infinitely scalable to support an unlimited number and size of customers.

Web Standards - APTARE StorageConsole for Managed Services is architected using only web-based standards. All information is communicated securely over the Internet using https. Users have easy access to interactive dashboards about their environment using any popular web browser.

Manages Service Provider Benefits

APTARE StorageConsole for Managed Services makes it easy offer your customers an award-winning backup reporting and management solution as your own branded service. You host the APTARE StorageConsole for Managed Services portal server and your customers can login to access their interactive dashboards about their own environment.

  • Securely Manage Customers - APTARE StorageConsole for Managed Services has a special customer management interface that allows you to easily manage an unlimited number and size of customers. Easily add, expand or change customers as your business grows. All customer data and login information is fully secure. Each customer can only have access to their own company's data.
  • Customer Portal - Your customers will see the same real-time interactive dashboards about their own environment as you do. The data you provide them will always be consistent with yours. Eliminate the cost and personnel resources of managing a separate customer facing portal.
  • Private Label Branding - APTARE StorageConsole for Managed Services allows you to customize the solution with company's branded look & feel. You can easily integrate APTARE StorageConsole for Managed Services as an additional product into your existing services offerings.
  • Easy Installation - Installation takes hours, not days. Once the software is installed the customer can view their data in real-time. Once installed, the APTARE StorageConsole For Managed Service Portal automatically deploys software updates and upgrades across your entire customer base.
  • External Systems Integration - APTARE StorageConsole provides published views into its database so you can integrate information from StorageConsole into your other business critical systems like ERP systems for billing etc.

Subscription Pricing

APTARE StorageConsole for Managed Services provides you with an instant recurring revenue stream with pricing that lets you manage your own levels of profitability.

  • Expand your customer base- The annual subscription-based pricing expands your potential user base by eliminating the upfront investment cost typically found in a perpetual licensing model.
  • Recurring Revenue - Annual subscription pricing ensures you of annual customer revenue year-after-year

Managed Services Partner Program

As part of the Managed Services Partner Program APTARE will provide you with both pre- and post sales support.

  • Laptop demo software - A complete APTARE StorageConsole for Managed Services solution that runs locally on your laptop. It is loaded with data for a powerful presentation to your current and potential customers.
  • Sales support - APTARE will assist in helping you close large deals by being available to attend product demonstrations and important presentations.
  • Sales tools - Data sheets, white papers, sales presentations and other promotional literature are available to help you sell and close business
  • APTARE Partner Portal - Access to APTARE's Partner Portal where you'll have access to the latest information on product updates, pricing, and more.
  • Training - You'll receive sales and technical training on the installation and use of the APTARE StorageConsole for Managed Services product.

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