Backup Compliance

Meeting backup compliance and corporate SLAs requires that you have accurate and actionable analytics to validate system success and streamline the auditing process. These same analytics give you insight to reduce data protection complexity, and mitigate policy conflicts and human error.

Backup Compliance Dashboard

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Protect Your Most Important Assets with Ease

One of the most important rules of safeguarding critical data is frequent system backups. As administrators know, a backup can be the difference between a tremendously damaging data loss and a minor inconvenience, so regular backups are a necessity for any IT structure.

APTARE IT Analytics is the key to maximized storage and data protection, with tools and platforms for just about any data-related need. APTARE Backup Manager offers solutions to help administrators meet and exceed backup compliance guidelines. Through actionable and accurate analytics, Backup Manager displays insights that can reduce the complexity of data protection while relieving policy conflicts and reducing human error.

Backup Manager allows administrators to instantly view successful, partial, or failed backups, and delivers the insights needed to solve damaging backup risks such as:

  • Unprotected Data Discovery
    • Reduce the exposure of unprotected data by automatically identifying clients and data sets that aren't protected under a backup policy.
  • Suspect Backup Identification
    • Eliminate "false positives" by identifying partial or failed backups that report as successful by the backup software.

Backup Manager helps ensure that every bit of data is stored safely and without incident, but as effective as a well-managed backup can be, compliance rules still must be met. Backup Manager includes out-of-the-box compliance reports to meet internal service-level agreements and pass external regulatory audits. Reporting tools are also available to create a custom reports according to unique compliance guidelines. Compliance features include:

  • Disk Usage and Performance
    • View and analyze performance of your drives by tracking average job write speed. The report shows disk usage and total gigabytes written to disk.
  • Drive Performance Summary
    • Identify drives that are underperforming. View the number of backup jobs and quantity of data written to the drive.
  • Client Usage
    • Load balance efficiently by identifying which clients are the most heavily used in terms of the number of backup jobs and gigabyte.
  • Virtual Tape Library Support
    • Plan and predict capacity and utilization from the backup software and VTL perspective. APTARE IT Analytics offers comprehensive reporting on VTL appliances such as Data Domain.
    • Identify when the VTL may run out of space, by using powerful reports that use both CLIs and SNMP, to provide forecasting and trending of VTL capacity usage over time.
    • Leverage performance monitoring and reporting of the appliance speed, an audit trail for history, and trending and asset management to make integrated VTL management easy and intuitive.

APTARE IT Analytics is designed to improve the way storage data is managed in everything from backup to capacity management to cloud tools. Accurate backups are a critical part of any IT structure and demand to be treated as such. APTARE Backup Manager not only simplifies the backup process, it allows for the most accurate backup possible in far less time.


"Regulatory compliance to standards like SOX are a huge deal, in both the actual execution of data protection, as well as assuring one's compliance. Auditors often demand complete transparency into a company's data and the underlying IT environment to make sure that the data is protected and secured. The problem is that companies might have tens of thousands of end points that don't have this level of visibility into their networks. It's just too complex."

—Jason Buffington Senior Data Protection Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

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Track Real-Time Compliance Information

APTARE IT Analytics automatically collects backup and storage information in real time, making it available to internal and external auditors whenever it's needed, on-demand. Easy-to-read dashboards and reports streamline the audit process, giving auditors the information they need through a self-service APTARE login. APTARE IT Analytics dramatically reduces the complexity and cost of compliance reporting. Learn More >

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Reduce Compliance Burden and Cost

Streamlining the auditing process through APTARE IT Analytics can help you reduce the burdensome expense associated with maintaining compliance. Prevent fines and penalties by automating audits and tracking compliance data in real time, so you can reduce the potential for policy conflicts and human error. Learn More >

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