APTARE Integration with ServiceNow

Gain unprecedented levels of access and deep insights into your backup environment as well as precise automated incident reporting using APTARE Backup Manager Solution App, now available in the ServiceNow Store. With the Backup Manager Solution app, APTARE integrates natively with ServiceNow, providing instantly useful backup insights and detailed audit trails at the click of a button, allowing ServiceNow users to manage backup as an asset.

Drill Down into Your Backup Environment

Ensuring complete backups is a key part of comprehensive data protection. Unfortunately, the reality is that backups aren’t always successful, with partial and even complete failures being relatively common. With the APTARE Backup Manager Solution, reliable reporting immediately translates to better data safeguarding and protection.

The ServiceNow-integrated Backup Manager Solution:

  • Provides reporting and analytics for your entire data protection environment across multiple backup technologies
  • Optimizes your backup environment by illuminating orphan clients, unprotected datasets and inefficient policies
  • Streamlines compliance/audit reporting requirements
  • Automates Intelligent Incident Identification of backup failures into ServiceNow
  • Illuminates root-cause of backup failures and false positives for faster time to resolution
  • Delivers pro-active insights via predictive analytics
  • Works with ServiceNow ITSM and ITOM products

By gathering and leveraging data from APTARE IT Analytics, APTARE uses ServiceNow to offer in-depth data analytics that provide a complete picture of the backup environment.

Additionally, in a first for ServiceNow, the Backup Manager Solution allows users to view data protection status of all cloud and on-prem assets and hosts, unlocking the potential to discover servers previously unknown to ServiceNow. This level of insight is unprecedented on ServiceNow and can be taken to new levels when the incident is viewed within APTARE IT Analytics.

Incident Detection

With ServiceNow, APTARE Backup Manager Solution is capable of detecting even the smallest data discrepancies within the backup environment, protecting the full enterprise from backup failure. Features include:

  • Associated incidents are automatically tied together, allowing users to view all host issues in one place
  • Business intelligence information segments backups according to who the user data is associated with
  • The marketing department has their own view, while IT has another
  • Global view is also available
  • Accessible programmatic enables potential automation
  • Incident numbers are automatically categorized according user-set criteria
  • Manual incident creation allows for more complete backup reporting
  • Editable configuration items give users additional control over what is reported
  • It can be set to ignore specific issues

APTARE Backup Manager Solution with ServiceNow allows users to gain actionable insights from the backup environment, all within a simple, streamlined view, providing them with everything from actionable insights to full audit trails for compliance purposes. With the Backup Manager Solution, users achieve much faster time-to-resolution, dramatically reduced compliance audit times, and invaluable data protection insights.

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