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Backup Manager

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Streamline Backup Auditing and Reporting

Consistent and reliable backups are a critical part of any IT structure, but too often, administrators encounter consistency problems in the form of incomplete or even totally failed backups. This puts valuable data and potentially the entire organization at risk, as lost information can result in many unpredictable problems.

APTARE Backup Manager removes many of the problems that commonly occur during backups, allowing administrators to identify at-risk data and eliminate "false positives," which increases backup and restore success while streamlining the process. Through actionable and accurate analytics, Backup Manager displays insights that can reduce the complexity of data protection while reducing human error and identifying problems before they occur.

Backup Manager allows administrators to view all attempted backups, regardless of whether they were successful, partial, or failed, and delivers the insights needed to solve damaging backup problems, such as:

  • Unprotected Data Discovery
    • Reduce the exposure of unprotected data by automatically identifying clients and data sets that aren't protected under a backup policy.
  • Suspect Backups Identification
    • Eliminate "false positives" by identifying partial or failed backups that report as successful by the backup software.

APTARE Backup Manager is unmatched in simplicity, practicality, and effectiveness, boasting a wide array of different tools and metrics that improve every area of the backup process. Through each step, Backup Manager does everything from identifying bottlenecks to increasing overall reliability. Some of the useful features that improve backup performance include:

  • Disk Usage and Performance
    • View and analyze performance of your drives by tracking average job write speed. The report shows disk usage and total gigabytes written to disk.
  • Drive Performance Summary
    • Easily identify drives that are under-performing and in need of repair. View the number of backup jobs and quantity of data written to the drive.
  • Client Usage
    • See which clients are the most heavily used in terms of the number of backup jobs and gigabytes. Then take action to load balance more efficiently.
  • Virtual Tape Library Support
    • Plan and predict capacity and utilization from the backup software and VTL perspective with comprehensive reporting on VTL appliances such as Data Domain.
    • Identify when the VTL will run out of space through use of powerful reports that utilize both CLIs and SNMP. Additionally, provides forecasting and trending of VTL capacity usage over time.
    • Leverage performance monitoring and reporting of the appliance speed, an audit trail for history, and trending and asset management to make integrated VTL management easy and intuitive.

APTARE Backup Manager provides a valuable view into the backup process, helping ensure that every bit of data is stored safely and without incident. Backup Manager is also capable of creating custom reports in order to help administrators adhere to any and all compliance guidelines, no matter how extensive:

  • Mission Control Dashboard
    • Intuitively-designed dashboard built for compliance reporting gives you a snapshot status of every server by day using intuitive indicator lights.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
    • Track backup performance against established SLA levels for backup start time, duration, and backup success.

APTARE IT Analytics is built around improving the way storage data is managed in everything from backup to capacity management to cloud tools. Accurate backups, which can be difficult to obtain, are incredibly important to any IT structure. APTARE Backup Manager not only simplifies the backup process, it allows for the most accurate backup possible in far less time, helping administrators further improve the performance of the entire IT structure.

Cohesity DataProtect
Commvault Simpana
Dell EMC Avamar, Data Domain, NetWorker
HP HP/MicroFocus, Data Protector
IBM Spectrum Protect/TSM
Microsoft Azure Backup
NetApp SnapMirror, SnapVault
Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)
Rubrik Rubrik Cloud Data Management
Veeam Availability Suite
Veritas Backup Exec, NetBackup

Backup Manager is fully integrated into the APTARE® IT Analytics platform and is 100 percent compatible with all of our other products and solutions.

Inventory overview of data protection compliance

Gain insight into data protection compliance, with dashboards that include interactive charts and let you drill down to all relevant details.

Backup Overview Dashboard

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Backup Status Dashboard

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Reduce time, effort and costs of managing your storage backup processes

APTARE Backup Manager automates backup reporting with a single-pane-of-glass view, so you can assess backup and recovery data at any time from any location using any browser.

Backup Capacity Dashboard

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Backup Dashboard

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APTARE—the global leader in IT Analytics—is the only company delivering unified backup and storage insights for heterogeneous IT environments across on-prem and hybrid-cloud