Backup Manager Solution V2 for ServiceNow Now Available

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

All the best aspects of V1, with new protection status visibility

When APTARE first partnered with ServiceNow, we were to explore the possibilities newly available to us through ServiceNow’s automated reporting. From the creation of improved audit trails to better backup error reporting leading to greater levels of data protection, we’ve been incredibly impressed with the performance of APTARE Backup Manager Solution’s Integration with ServiceNow. And now, with our introduction of the Backup Manager Solution app V2, we’re proud to announce new levels of functionality that we are able to bring to ServiceNow.

New Functionality

By examining customer data to create beneficial solutions, we have been able to identify new and exciting ways for our Backup Manager Solution to use its ServiceNow integration. This new level of functionality contains uses for ServiceNow that are completely new and wholly unique to the Backup Manager Solution.

Now, for the very first time, ServiceNow users have visibility into the protection status of their server assets and backup environment. Using the Backup Manager app, ServiceNow users can freely view helpful information like when their servers were last backed up, when the last full backup occurred, the frequency and details of backup failures, and, perhaps most importantly, which hosts are not reporting any backups and are therefore unprotected and at risk. This level of insight is unprecedented by any ServiceNow app. This new insight allows for a much higher level of assurance, leading to the ability to claim Backup as an Asset.

With the new tools available in the Backup Manager Solution V2, you can experience a whole new level of efficacy in the backup environment, but the new functionality doesn’t end here!

Locating New Assets

Another significant benefit APTARE brings to the partnership with ServiceNow is the ability to use the Backup Manager Solution app to locate servers previously unknown to ServiceNow. Because the Backup Manager is directly integrated with APTARE IT Analytics, it operates as an additional source of server discovery, and because APTARE IT Analytics encompass the full IT infrastructure, it is able to identify even obscure servers. Effectively, APTARE IT Analytics and its integrated Backup Manager Solution locate the servers, then provide the server information to ServiceNow through ServiceNow’s comprehensive integration. This server discovery is an incredibly useful feature for users who need a complete picture of the backup environment!

Improvement of Existing Features

In addition to the creation of completely new functions, the Backup Manager Solution maintains and improves upon the its V1 ServiceNow functions through its use of the new information provided by V2. By having a better picture of the backup environment, error reporting and audits are certain to be even more accurate, resulting in better data protection and easier compliance.

Take a look at the ServiceNow-integrated Backup Manager Solution today and explore the possibilities that it will certainly open up to you. If you’re interested in finding out more about APTARE IT Analytics or you would like to request a demo, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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