APTARE Teams Up with ServiceNow

Friday, June 29, 2018

APTARE Teams Up with ServiceNow

If there is one thing we at APTARE are well-versed in, it is providing forward-thinking data protection and storage solutions. We have spent years working prominently in both on-prem and cloud servers, and that work and experience is reflected in our specialization with hybrid cloud environments. So naturally, we’re always looking for new ways to improve user experience with the hybrid cloud, whether through added data safeguarding or simplified incident resolution. That’s why we’re proud to announce APTARE’s integration with ServiceNow.

How ServiceNow Works

Now fully integrated with APTARE IT Analytics 10.2, the ServiceNow app is designed to streamline error resolution through automated reporting and prioritization. For example, if a backup is only partially successful, the ServiceNow app logs the incomplete backup and generates and issue number. These logs contain a great deal of helpful information, including client and policy information, error details, and any additional client messages.

When working with APTARE IT Analytics 10.2’s many solutions joined in a single “pane of glass,” the SerivceNow app becomes even more helpful. By speeding up incident reporting and providing additional information on data errors, the IT Analytics can be used to solve problem quickly and more effectively, significantly reducing time-to-resolution on a wide array of different problems.

Custom Solutions

What is reported by the ServiceNow app is completely customizable according to a broad range of criteria. IT administrators can create and prioritize reports according to necessary specifications, like specific backup types, client sub-sets, or custom logic tailored to suit specific business needs. If something outside the specified problems occurs, ServiceNow includes options for manual incident creation via the web UI. With ServiceNow and APTARE, nothing gets overlooked!

Additional tools include:

  • Gen-2 ITOA intelligent analytics provide predictive analysis and pro-active insights with unmatched speed and precision
  • Intelligent Incident Identification with ServiceNow
  • End-to-end reporting and analytics across the backup and global data protection environment
  • Backup environment optimization through highlighted orphan clients and unprotected datasets
  • Customized streamlining of compliance and audit reporting requirements
  • A single, unified view of enterprise data protection independent of multiple backup technologies
  • Highlighted backup failures root-cause as well as any false positives 

ServiceNow Integration Makes Auditing Easy

In addition to simplified reporting, ServiceNow streamlines the audit process through careful and complete tracking of any and all incidents and resolutions. If a replication error occurs, the ServiceNow app automatically synchronizes with APTARE IT Analytics to show a complete picture of the problem. After the problem is resolved this synchronization with the IT Analytics reveals what steps were taken and how risk might be mitigated in the future.

Enterprise data security is serious business, and every step you take to create more security is a step in the right direction. APTARE’s integration with ServiceNow is designed not only to provide you with necessary data safeguarding, but also to make the process simpler, faster, and more thorough. Please contact us today to discuss ServiceNow or to request a demo, and find out how APTARE IT Analytics can help protect your enterprise’s data.

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