Brownfield Development and ITOA

Monday, October 29, 2018

Though controlling your IT environment is a sizeable challenge, it is an incredibly rewarding process. Especially as your data requirements increase and change form, having a good grasp on your storage, backup, virtual environments, and unstructured data now can save you a great deal of time and energy in the long run. One of ITOA’s greatest strengths is organization, and with APTARE IT Analytics™, you can take full control of your IT infrastructure with ease.

A longtime IT analytics player, APTARE has been working in the ITOA marketplace since before it was referred to as “ITOA”. We’ve watched countless technologies come and go, adapting our own solution along the way to more completely cover the IT environment. At APTARE, we like to keep our ear to the ground, constantly seeking new avenues for our solutions.

Helping Define ITOA

Within the ITOA marketplace, a comprehensive understanding of brownfield development is something of a rarity, which can be problematic for anyone using on-prem assets. APTARE has been providing analytics for IT environments since on-prem was the standard, and we’ve incorporated our brownfield experience into IT Analytics, extending the same actionable insights to on-prem environments as the hybrid cloud or even multi-cloud. This vendor-agnostic approach creates a versatility that simply is not matched by any other analytics on the market.

Our brownfield experience isn’t just limited to vendors. APTARE IT Analytics is able to parse every major communication protocol, dating back to SNMP. With APTARE IT Analytics, no part of your IT infrastructure is out of reach, no matter how dated.

Greenfield Development

While brownfield development is foundational to providing a complete picture of the IT infrastructure, we make sure to keep our eye out for the latest and greatest technology to incorporate into IT Analytics. APTARE has ample experience with enterprise data analytics, so we’ve developed a keen eye for new technology and potential applications. From the IT Analytics 10.2 release to our recent integration with ServiceNow, IT Analytics regularly creates new use cases from all over the world of IT.

Managing Your IT Infrastructure

APTARE IT Analytics exposes every available asset across on-prem, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments in a single dashboard, providing the insights needed to manage anything and everything all at once. From asset discovery to the recovery process, you can reclaim resources instantly, making a process that was once a significant undertaking into essentially routine maintenance. And that’s just what IT Analytics and the Capacity Manager tool can do for storage. You can also improve data protection by discovering and fixing incomplete backups with the Backup Manager, manage SAN pathways with the Fabric Manager, and accurately dispense data with the Replication Manager, all of which are part of the IT Analytics Product Suite and are available in the single IT Analytics dashboard.

Whether you’re working to organize old resources or expand into new resources, APTARE IT Analytics can help you achieve your goals. Contact us for a demo or to find out more about what IT Analytics can do to improve your IT infrastructure.

APTARE—the global leader in IT Analytics—is the only company delivering unified backup and storage insights for heterogeneous IT environments across on-prem and hybrid-cloud