Capacity Planning in the Enterprise

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Managing User Base Growth and Ever-Increasing Storage Requirements

Increased popularity is every bit as exciting as it is challenging. With each new visitor, transaction, or user comes a whole new set of questions and requirements, all within the limitations of the array-side view of storage instead of real usage metrics from the host's perspective. Some of those questions might include:

  • How am I going to support a new set of users?
  • How much additional storage and compute do I need?
  • How much additional storage will I need in the future?
  • How can I fit the need for increased storage into my budget?

Within the given constraints, accurately answering these questions can seem nearly impossible. That’s why we created the APTARE Capacity Manager.

Capacity planning and preparation are incredibly important parts of cultivating a successful online presence, and the APTARE Capacity Manager can provide the necessary insights to be ready for whatever growth the future holds. This automated analysis allows you to achieve a level of growth forecast accuracy previously impossible, allowing you to:

  • See historical and current host storage usage
  • Create a useful trajectory of predictive growth in storage needs
  • View historical and current array capacity and accurately predict future growth
  • See the historical and current storage consumption by any user defined group (business unit, department, application) and forecast possible future growth trends

As storage is an ever-growing requirement, accurate capacity planning is an critical part of any IT structure. Through the use of the Capacity Manager’s predictive features, you can maximize the assets you already have and know exactly when you’ll need additional storage in the future. Without effective planning, you might find yourself falling into the common pitfalls that come with lack of preparedness, including an underperforming website, loss of ecommerce security, overspending on resources, and possibly even loss of user base. Capacity planning can prevent a variety of different problems, save money, and increase efficiency with ease.

Storage and Backup Capacity Planning

(click to enlarge to see how our customers have seen between 15-50% of their 'used' storage is in fact potentially reclaimable)

APTARE Capacity Manager can do a great deal to improve future capacity planning, but what about insights on improving current resource management? IT Analytics provides end-to-end storage capacity reporting from the hosts to the storage array, including the typical layers of virtualization, in order to give your administrators greater visibility into the full storage environment, allowing you to increase efficient use of your current assets. Some of its features include

  • Automated Mapping- shows and explains the relationship between each host and LUN, highlighting the specifics of storage resource usage
  • Host Utilization- displays the amount of storage capacity allocated and used by each host
  • Array Utilization- displays the amount of allocated and used storage on each storage array
  • Application Utilization- easily identifies the amount of storage used versus allocated and separated per application

With the insights provided by the APTARE’s Capacity Manager, you can tailor your storage to specifically fit your purposes, minimizing storage resource expenditure and maximizing effective use of existing resources. Through the storage resource management afforded by APTARE’s Capacity Manager, you can save yourself from the headache of purchasing unnecessary storage or not having enough when it counts.

In addition to current storage management and capacity planning, APTARE’s Capacity Manager offers a great deal of other incredibly useful features, including:

  • Chargeback Reporting
    • Storage tier chargeback provides reporting on all of the tiers of storage as well as the hosts, LUNs and total capacity associated with each tier
  • Storage Performance Analysis
    • Tracks the performance of subsystems and related hosts based on data collected from associated arrays and analyzes historical trends.
  • Benchmarking
    • Establishes a benchmark of storage usage and performance as well as the associated costs, so administrators can track trends and analyze the data for future planning.
  • Storage Efficiency Technologies
    • Provides insight into the impact of new deployments and technologies and assists in verifying that you are getting maximum effectiveness.
  • Full Integration into IT Analytics
    • APTARE Capacity Manager is fully integrated into APTARE IT Analytics for comprehensive reporting and management of storage and data protection environments.

Within IT, the more control you have over your system the better. With APTARE, you can track key storage and backup metrics collected across your complex IT infrastructure whether they are in your own on-prem datacenter or in the cloud. We make it a point to provide you with the information you need to best utilize your assets. Request a demo today.

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