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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Get a Clear View of Your Storage Environment Instantly

Though every storage environment is unique and there are a wide variety of ways they can be structured, they inevitably share one characteristic: complexity. Even the simplest environment has many layers, houses a great deal of data, and with the hectic pace of provisioning requests, is susceptible to inefficient resource usage. As data needs continually increase, high performance standards for your storage environment becomes an asset far too important to ignore. For our latest release, we leveraged our in-house experts and collaborated with our customer to create a simple way to reclaim unused storage resources.

We spent weeks analyzing our customer’s data in an effort to locate “dark storage.” Dark storage is storage that is reported as “in use,” but is actually available for data storage. Through close inspection, when viewed end-to-end with all the other data points from other system components at our disposal, our team determined areas that are commonly misreported as “in use” and put this information into one InstaAnalytics dashboard. This dashboard is designed to give its users the clearest possible view into their storage environment, as well as the unused or mismanaged resources at their disposal.

These IT analytic kits contain  around 20 common customizable(GK) rules that run in the background of a given storage environment. These rules allow for the easy categorization of storage environment data use, which is then displayed in the dashboard. The dashboard then succinctly summarizes the areas in which storage might be available, such as:

  • Undiscovered LUNs
  • Unallocated LUNs
  • Unused LUNs
  • High Backup Retention Jobs
  • VMs Low CPU
  • VMs Undiscovered Disks
  • VMs Not in VM Inventory
  • VM Aged Snapshots
  • AWS Orphaned Volumes
  • AWS Orphaned Snapshots
  • Overprovisioned Hosts
  • Non-VM Files
  • Inactive Large Files

Our customers have found that between 25% and 50% of storage resources that are thought to be in use aren’t actually being used to store their data. Using this information, they have  cut their storage costs tremendously as well as improve the performance of their entire storage environment.

These InstaAnalytics  dashboards are seamlessly integrated into APTARE IT Analytics and provide  a unique perspective that can quickly become invaluable to your IT structure. Based on our service analytics from a diverse sample of different customers,this wide array of different tools, allows for a  tailored fit any storage environment.

Another important feature is the ability to track usage data over time. This feature allows you to track you progress when making improvements, examine trends to see where storage is commonly used inefficiently, and refer back to previous solutions should similar problems arise. Monitoring data usage trends allows you to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your storage environment at all times.

Our InstaAnalytics are designed to help you manage storage resources effectively while simplifying the entire process. Its integration into APTARE IT Analytics allows it to work in conjunction with our other tools, all aimed at helping you gain a clear perspective into your IT structure.

All of this is available in our 10.2 release - read more here

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