Fortune 500 Company Uses APTARE to Diagnose Performance Issues

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It's amazing what true visibility into your storage environment can unveil.

APTARE was working with a Fortune 500 financial services company that was implementing a new storage management suite. The company’s storage environment was constantly changing, growing and shrinking to meet demand, and administrators wanted greater control over disparate networks running on various platforms. The idea was that the new management solution would give them the access and control administrators needed to efficiently plan, set up, monitor, backup and protect its heterogeneous environment.

From the very beginning, there were performance issues. The company had built redundancy into the environment by using heavily-virtualized vblocks on VMAX—some with millions of paths. This level of redundancy should have given the organization the availability and performance it needed out of its storage environment, but traffic kept getting bogged down in one of the vblocks in particular.

APTARE was called in to diagnose the problem, and we installed APTARE IT Analyticsin the environment, immediately running a performance audit. Within a few minutes it became obvious that network traffic was being directed through just a handful of ports. By the end of the audit, we were able to identify two ports that were responsible for 92 percent of traffic while thousands of other ports were virtually unused.

The Fortune 500 company was investing millions of dollars in a new storage management system yet it took a single report from APTARE to diagnose a costly performance error and identify specific hardware that was causing the problem. Additional analysis of the rest of the environment allowed the company to further optimize the setup of the vblocks and drastically improve performance. We can’t get into specifics, but real costs savings were achieved.

At the press of a button, any APTARE customer can run one of hundreds of similar reports from Array Allocation by Site to NBU Tape Error Summary, unveiling previously hidden insight into the makeup and usage of their storage environments. Administrators can use this information to optimize the environment, reclaim unused resources, implement chargeback or execute dozens of other advanced storage initiatives that create efficiencies, improve storage services to users and streamline operations.

Port Throughput by Array

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