Gain Insight into Your Storage Structure

Friday, May 18, 2018

There are few resources as valuable to IT administrators as a well-organized storage environment. An organized storage environment makes just about every aspect of IT easier, it impacts everything from backup consistency to efficient resource use to the ability to simply locate specific files. Considering how complex a multi-tiered hybrid cloud can be, tools providing accurate insights into the storage structure aren’t just helpful, they’re a requirement.

You may have read about APTARE IT Analytics' many valuable features, like the Intelligent Solutions or Backup Manager, but the best part of IT Analytics is the fact that its features function with one another. This unified view, or the “pane of glass” showcases the entirety of your storage environment in one window. This “pane of glass” shows how different systems interact with each other, where improvements can be made, and how improvements affect  your entire system.

“Pane of Glass” Insights

Simply by starting up APTARE IT Analytics for the first time, you’re likely to see some immediate insights into your storage environment. IT Analytics allows you uncover underperforming areas of your storage environment and make quick fixes, all while monitoring how your changes affect the rest of your environment. IT Analytics even tracks all changes and repairs, so you can refer back to previous solutions at any time.

Aside from finding underperforming areas, IT Analytics shows you which of your current resources are being underutilized. We’ve found that in the average storage environment, 33% to 50% of the storage resources reported as “in use” actually aren’t being used at all. This wasted space quickly translates to wasted money and challenges down the road. We’ve seen many administrators struggling to keep up with growing data needs when they actually have more than enough storage right under their noses! APTARE IT Analytics can help you virtually eliminate this waste of resources in a fraction of the time.

Risk Mitigation and Storage Optimization

The Intelligent Solutions were the two most signficant features in the 10.2 release. The Risk Mitigation Solution identifies areas of risk to your data and proposes clear and actionable solutions to immediately resolve any problems, preventing anything from failed backups to critical data loss.

The Storage Optimization Solution delivers valuable efficiency insights by combing through your storage environment and locating every bit of dark storage and providing  a path to storage reclamation.

The Intelligent Solutions provide administrators with unique money- and time-saving insights into the storage environment. When coupled with the “pane of glass” view, the Intelligent Solutions become even more powerful, resulting in a healthier, more manageable storage environment.

APTARE is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your storage environment. Whether you’re just getting started with the hybrid cloud or you’re a seasoned professional working with a massive enterprise and vast quantities of data, APTARE IT Analytics provides the insights you need to operate your storage environment successfully. Contact us today so we can set up a demo!

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