How APTARE IT Analytics 10.2 Increases Storage Efficiency

Friday, March 16, 2018

Make the Best Use of Your Storage Resources

The storage environment is one of the most commonly mismanaged parts of the IT structure. Whether current resources are underutilized or overprovisioned, resource misuse can cause many challenges for IT administrators, putting the enterprise’s data at risk and increasing storage costs through inefficiency.  

Improving storage efficiency is often seen as a massive undertaking. Isolating and solving storage problems usually requires a great deal of time and is often accompanied by the concern that new problems will surface as the result of attempted improvements. APTARE IT Analytics 10.2 addresses this concern directly, by allowing users to make lasting improvements and even track their progress. APTARE 10.2 gives its users access to the new Intelligent Solutions which can be used to create a more reliable, cost-effective, and performance-oriented storage structure.

The Storage Optimization Solution

APTARE Intelligent Solutions deliver high-performance analytics through a user-friendly interface. The Storage Optimization Solution is no exception. Like the other Intelligent Solutions, the Storage Optimization Solution is designed to work with the existing tools and solutions in the APTARE Storage Management Suite to provide a complete picture of the storage environment.

The Storage Optimization Solution allows users to locate storage that can be optimized or even fully reclaimed, creating impressive opportunities to increase efficiency. A great deal of available resources can be reclaimed from dark storage using the Solution’s:

  • Detailed analytics on current resources

  • Collection of historical data across multiple data points

    • Builds true analytics that support infrastructure rightsizing

New Report Templates

To assist you with building a sturdy and efficient storage environment, we’ve included several new report templates with the Storage Optimization Solution. These templates can easily be customized to fit your IT structure, providing valuable insights across your storage environment. Storage Optimization Analysis provides drill-down access to details that reveal reclamation possibilities, such as Undiscovered LUNs or Powered-Off VMs, through a graphical representation of the analytics. These analytics are built by a fully customizable set of rules. Storage Optimization by Tier functions exactly as you would expect, displaying potentially reclaimable and non-reclaimable storage by tier. Storage Optimization Overview provides a high-level view of reclaimable and non-reclaimable storage alike, providing administrators with the opportunity to make  better informed decisions. Storage Optimization Trend illustrates storage optimization over time, exposing reoccurring inefficiencies. It can be configured to examine specific parameters so as to fit any storage environment. Storage Optimization Detail Reports are included with all the previously listed templates. These Reports include a vast amount of additional details that can help you handle the finer points of your storage environment.

Maximize Efficiency

Due to their complexity, storage environments are fairly prone to inefficiency. APTARE’s Storage Optimization Solution is designed to minimize inefficiency and misuse while helping you fully use your resources, while creating a lean and healthy storage environment in the process. APTARE 10.2 can help you build your ideal IT structure through detailed trends and actionable insights. Request a demo today, and find out how new IT Analytics 10.2 can benefit your IT infrastructure.

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