Insights for Better Capacity Planning

Friday, August 31, 2018

A successful, secure, and cost-effective IT infrastructure has many moving parts. From data storage management to consistent, viable backup to accurate replication, a solid IT environment is complicated and can be difficult to maintain, especially as data requirements shift and increase over time.

Storage capacity planning has emerged as one of the primary ways to ensure the IT structure’s success, being far easier, less expensive, and less exhausting than constantly dealing with overprovisioned hosts or other problems that arise from lack of preparedness.

Storage Capacity Planning with APTARE

The problem that plagues many efforts at capacity planning platforms is lack of information. Even if you think you have a clear picture of your hosts and the data they store, there is a very good chance that your storage environment is more complex than you initially realize.

APTARE Capacity Manager organizes and displays every aspect of the storage environment in one unified view, discovering even the most obscure hosts, both under- and over-utilized. In providing this extraordinarily clear view of the storage environment, the Capacity Manager has already given you an advantage in planning for future storage needs, but it doesn’t stop there! The Capacity Manager allows you to view and compare historical host usage to current host usage, even organizing according to any user-defined group (by department, application, or client). With this information, the Capacity Manager creates a predictive growth trajectory that allows you to make decisions on future IT needs with a much higher degree of accuracy.

Preparation for Big Changes

Even the smallest degree of capacity planning can make waves in the way you prepare for data growth, and with new technologies constantly on the horizon, the need for preparation is greater than ever. That’s why APTARE IT Analytics and its Capacity Manager function across heterogeneous storage environments.

It wasn’t all that long ago that enterprise’s began their leap from on-prem storage to the more complex hybrid cloud. APTARE IT Analytics helped many IT professionals work through that change with a single, unified view that allowed every bit of the data storage environment to be viewable in one place.

Now, we’re experiencing another change in the way IT environments operate: the gradual shift from hybrid cloud to multi-cloud. For those of you that don’t already know, multi-cloud is simply the use of more than one public cloud by a given IT structure. Another shift to the location of the IT environment might seem incredibly daunting, but with APTARE IT Analytics, there’s nothing to worry about at all.

APTARE IT Analytics features support for all of the leading public clouds, and even if more than one are in-use, IT Analytics still provides the accessible pane of glass view needed for valuable insights into the IT infrastructure.

Whether you’re planning a major leap onto the multi-cloud or you’re simply trying to plan for increasing data needs, APTARE Capacity Manager can help you prepare for whatever lies ahead. Contact us today for a demo of the IT Analytics Product Suite or if you have any additional questions

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