Is Your Data Really Protected?

Monday, April 16, 2018

Find out what you can do to prevent critical data loss

In any enterprise, reducing the  risk of critical data loss is a high priority and often takes a great deal of time and attention. From uncovering backup failures to identifying risk-prone areas of your IT structure, data monitoring is, at best, a chore and, at worst, a massive nuisance. Even the smallest IT structure can be difficult to predict and manage, making management of critical data even more difficult and more important.

APTARE IT Analytics 10.2 allows you to monitor your entire structure for shortcomings that might put your data at risk of loss or corruption. Through its “pane of glass” view, you can clearly see areas that are in need of immediate improvement as well as, the long-lasting impact of the improvements.

Here are just a few things APTARE IT Analytics 10.2 can help you with!

Backup Reliability

Whether you have a background in storage administration or not, you likely understand the importance of regular backups. You might have an impeccably organized IT structure that functions flawlessly otherwise, but without consistent backups, your structure can be swiftly thrown into disarray or utterly ruined, putting your enterprise at risk.

In our experience, most storage administrators tend to be far too optimistic in their estimations of their backup success rates. A common estimate is that the average backup is 90%-95% successful. However, a quick data protection assessment typically reveals the alarming truth: the average backup success rate often rings in at a meager 65%, sometimes even less! This means that 35% of your data could be completely lost to outage.

Fortunately, backup success rates are far from set in stone. APTARE IT Analytics 10.2 can help you improve backup success rates within minutes. The “pane of glass” view clearly shows where backups are failing, why they are failing, and what solutions can be used to fix them. IT Analytics can even be used to make your backup meet and exceed any and all compliance guidelines.

Risk Mitigation Solution

Congratulations, your backups are now in tip-top shape! But what about the rest of your IT structure? There are still a lot of areas where improvements can be made to better your system and ensure that your stored data isn’t lost or corrupted. The Risk Mitigation Solution was specifically designed to seek out and find areas of risk within the IT structure then provide ways that risk can be reduced in those areas. With the Risk Mitigation Solution, you can immediately see every area of risk all at once and make immediate, long-term fixes, instead of spending your time carefully tracking down every data hazard and repairing them one by one.

Failed backups can easily plague your IT structure with costly problems. APTARE IT Analytics 10.2 helps you avoid the unnecessary risks that come with failed backups, while giving you full control of your IT resources. Contact us today for a data protection assessment as well as a demo, and see firsthand how APTARE IT Analytics 10.2 can benefit your infrastructure.

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