How APTARE IT Analytics 10.2 Enhances Chargeback

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Due to ever-increasing storage requirements, accurate chargeback has become an invaluable part of IT services. By billing individual clients for the data stored, organizations are able to keep their own costs from skyrocketing while ensuring that client storage requirements don’t spiral out of control.

As just about any IT administrator knows, manual chargeback is no longer an option. There is far too much data scattered across the different areas of the hybrid cloud to manually track individual client use.

APTARE has long been a provider of insights for chargeback, and with the release of APTARE IT Analytics 10.2, chargeback has become simpler, more precise, and faster. What would’ve taken IT professionals hours can now be accomplished in only minutes or, better yet, completely automated, increasing efficiency and productivity.

APTARE IT Analytics 10.2’s Chargeback Process

Thanks to advancements in data analytics, APTARE users now have access to unprecedented levels of actionable insight throughout the storage environment. This is especially relevant to chargeback because chargeback provides several pitfalls that can lead to lost revenue, poor service, and general lack of productivity.

  • APTARE 10.2 Chargeback significantly reduces the amount of time IT staff spends on chargeback, offering:
  1. Regular, automatically-generated chargeback reports
  2. Completely details customer data use
  • Removes the need for customers to request information from administrators
  1. Automatic updates to reflect changes in the IT structure
  2. Changes to the IT structure no longer have to be manually tracked
  • Instant reporting tools
  1. Free up IT staff from tedious chargeback tracking

Make Your Storage Environment Zero-Cost

The ultimate goal of APTARE’s chargeback model is to make data storage into a zero-cost endeavor, accurately dispensing capital and operational expenses to their specific uses. Fully integrated into APTARE IT Analytics 10.2, our chargeback solution automatically generates and sends reports to clients detailing the specifics of their data use as well as all costs associated with it. This can be set to send out at whatever interval is necessary, completely removing the need for clients to contact administrators with requests for chargeback information.

All applications and information on individual clients is dynamically updated at regular intervals within the report structure, meaning that administrators don’t have to make any manual updates, even as changes to the IT environment are introduced. This influx of chargeback information gives administrators insight into true storage costs, which translates to educated, enterprise-level decision-making.

By simply eliminating the tedious and time-consuming research administrators had to conduct on a daily basis, APTARE 10.2’s chargeback reports save the IT team a massive amount of time, (on average, at least 10 hours every week!) freeing them to spend their time using our IT Analytics to make improvements to the storage environments, optimize processes, and find other ways to cut costs.

Contact us today for a demo, and see how you can you save time, energy, and money with APTARE IT Analytics 10.2 Chargeback solution.

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