Using IT Analytics' Insights to Achieve Consistent Backups

Friday, June 1, 2018

While maintaining a successful IT structure, one thing that can’t be overstated, is the importance of reliable backups. No matter the size of your structure, your data is valuable and must be treated as such. When it comes to backups, very few people are content with settling for less, yet we consistently find that most IT administrators are routinely allowing subpar backups that create a great deal of risk for their data.

APTARE IT Analytics' complete view into the workings of the storage environment provides the tools needed to ensure consistent backups every single time. Your enterprise shouldn’t be put at risk due to a few solvable problems. IT Analytics' insights into your backups can help you immediately better your backups and ensure that your data isn’t at risk of being lost.

Why Backups Are Important

Backing up data is a task frequently on most administrators’ minds. Unfortunately, most administrators don’t account for partially failed backups. Most administrators assume that their backups are generally thorough, and on average, they think that 90% to 95% of their data is covered. The reality is far less optimistic: we’ve found that only around 65% of data is covered in the average backup. If your backup is even a little bit spotty, important client information or even financial records could be lost in the blink of an eye.

Critical data loss is serious business, so we designed APTARE IT Analytics to help reduce risk by drastically improving yourbackup performance. IT Analytics uses its built-in Backup Manager to provide you with the insights you need to build a better backup.

Building a Better Backup

The Backup Manager’s insights are as thorough as they are easy to use. You can discover unprotected data and identify suspect backups with ease, because the Backup Manager automatically identifies unprotected clients and data sets while locating and eliminating partial or failed backups that are incorrectly reported as successful.

The Backup Manager provides several different useful tools that provide valuable insights in your backups:

  • Disk Usage and Performance allows you to view and analyze performance of your drives by tracking average job write speed. The report then shows disk usage and total gigabytes written to disk.
  • Drive Performance Summary helps you identify drives that are under-performing and in need of repair. Then, you can view the number of backup jobs and quantity of data written to the drive.
  • Client Usage allows you to see which clients are most heavily used based on the number of backup jobs and gigabytes.
  • Virtual Tape Library Support gives you the power to plan and predict capacity and utilization from the backup software and VTL perspective through comprehensive reporting.

The insights from all of these tools can help you create consistent backups while eliminating the hassle of tracking down problems on your own.

It’s never too early to ensure a consistent backup. Contact us today so we can set up a demo and help you increase your backup performance.

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