Successful IT Structures and Cloud Storage Reporting

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Find out How the Best IT Structures are Organized

There are few resources as complex and nuanced as hybrid cloud environments. Making a few small changes in one area can lead to over-provisioned hosts in another, and tracking how changes made can be difficult or even downright impossible. But as seemingly temperamental as the hybrid cloud can be, its capabilities for housing high-performance IT structures are completely unmatched.

Utilization of hybrid cloud management tools is an important part of operating a functional hybrid cloud. APTARE IT Analytics 10.2 has every tool and metric you’ll need to see your hybrid cloud infrastructure working at its greatest potential, including ever-important Cloud Storage Reporting

Why Cloud Storage Reporting is Important

While hybrid cloud environments are complex, accessing and managing it effectively doesn’t have to be difficult. APTARE IT Analytics 10.2 provides a unified, “pane-of-glass” view that allows you to view all your storage resources in one place. APTARE Cloud Storage Reporting displays a great deal of information on everything from where data is stored to how modification affects your storage environment in the long term.

The “pan-of-glass” view provides you with the insights necessary to make drastic improvements to your IT structure. Your environment might have LUNs with latency issues or too many rewrites, hosts that are overprovisioned, or it even might be plagued by a series of failed backups. Through the Cloud Storage Reporting available in APTARE IT Analytics 10.2, you can make major changes as well as minor adjustments to the way your IT structure stores data without having to worry about the rest of your environment being negatively affected.

Additionally, Cloud Storage Reporting allows you to really dive deep into improving your storage environment. You can quickly and easily view detailed reports like Drive Performance Summaries, or you can monitor the finer details of your drives’ performance with Disk Usage and Performance. You can even identify particular areas of risk and minimize or eliminate said risk, which is especially important to those of you providing IT as a service. APTARE works hard to give you the tools and control you need to operate a successful IT structure, both on-prem and in the cloud.

Detailed Reporting

Some of the most useful tools available in APTARE IT Analytics 10.2 are the predictive features. These give you the power to see how the changes you make to your storage environment benefit your IT structure as a whole in the future, all while helping you chart your progress along the way. These Cloud Storage predictions allow you to plan for future needs without any guesswork involved!

APTARE Cloud Storage Reporting is the ideal way to build a better IT structure, risk-free! You’ll never need to worry about how your decisions will impact the structure as a whole again, because you’ll have the ability to make fully informed decisions, thanks to actionable metrics from IT Analytics. Contact us today, and we’ll set up a demo that shows off just what IT Analytics can do for you.

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