ITSM Realized with APTARE IT Analytics

Thursday, November 15, 2018

When it comes to improving the overall health, reliability, and efficiency of your IT environment, the route to the best results is often outlined by the principles that fall under IT service management (ITSM). ITSM focuses on setting standards and establishing practices that continually improve the IT infrastructure while minimizing the need for constant maintenance.

APTARE has long been in the business of improving IT operations across the full infrastructure including multi-cloud and hybrid cloud, and over the years, we’ve refined, improved, and expanded to include everything needed for effective IT service management . By consolidating all available data on resources and information into one accessible dashboard, APTARE IT Analytics provides IT professionals, managers, and C-Suite executives with the ability to completely manage any IT structure, no matter the scale or composition.

In order to create an ITSM strategy, administrators need to take a great deal into account, as ITSM largely hinges on having a complete view of the IT environment. Taking a platform-based approach to IT analytics is the best way to ensure that all resources are accounted for, but often, gathering resources from the modern hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud environment can be challenging. This is just one of the areas where APTARE IT Analytics shines.

APTARE IT Analytics is completely vendor agnostic, allowing users to easily view assets from public cloud, on-prem, and private cloud in the same dashboard. With its easy in-depth visibility, APTARE IT Analytics provides the perfect starting point for ITSM.

APTARE Streamlines ITSM Processes

Once IT administrators and other users have clear grasp on their IT environment, the next step is establishing practices that result in an upward trajectory for overall IT health. While best practices may vary slightly between different IT environments, the end goals are often similar: repeatability, scalability, better incident detection and resolution, efficient use of resources, meeting compliance goals, and saving time and money. APTARE IT Analytics provides critical components needed to meet and exceed even the loftiest ITSM goals.

The IT Analytics product suite thoroughly covers all of the different areas that compose the full IT structure, including storage, backup, data replication, virtual environments, and unstructured data. IT Analytics provides users with unprecedented control over the IT environment, but a key part of ITSM is the provision of solid business results. With APTARE IT Analytics, IT professionals are able to ensure that the IT structure functions at its peak, providing a real impact on financial results. Some of APTARE’s success stories include:

  • An international bank that saved $10 million by repurposing 8.3 Petabytes of storage

  • A Top 4 Accounting Firm that reclaimed over 2 Petabytes of data, saving $2 million

  • A multinational conglomerate that reduced compliance reporting from weeks-long task to a few days with absolutely no IT involvement

The Next Step in Service Management

Whether you’re operating an expansive, complex IT environment or have storage that scales into the petabytes, APTARE IT Analytics can help you ensure overall IT health while providing top-tier business results. Contact us today for a demo and experience the power of APTARE IT Analytics in action.


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