Preparing Your Infrastructure for New Integrations

Thursday, January 15, 2015

As any IT professional knows, new technologies and products aimed at improving operations are being introduced at a dizzying rate. While these best-of-breed technologies are often capable of providing incredible results across the full environment, the rate at which they are integrated often poses problems for IT professionals. Some major issues, such as fracturing of storage infrastructure and data protection, can become commonplace, especially if the IT environment resides on the hybrid cloud or multi-cloud. As new technologies are introduced, these already complex environments become more difficult to manage while the stored data ends up being put at risk.

In order to maintain the health and functionality of the IT infrastructure, IT professionals must take preemptive steps to prepare the IT environment for the addition of new products, but realistically, nearly every new technology introduction will have some unforeseen consequences. That’s why infrastructure resource visibility, as provided by APTARE IT Analytics, is so important.

APTARE IT Analytics can help you prepare for the introduction of new technologies and products and monitor all changes, intentional or not, to the IT infrastructure. This visibility gives you the information needed to resolve problems, the insight to prevent serious issues from occurring, and the flexibility needed to seamlessly integrate new products.

Keep Your IT Organization from Experiencing Fracturing

One of the biggest and most common issues associated with new technology additions is the fracturing of the IT environment, meaning resources become isolated from one another and stop working together efficiently. Without insight into the IT infrastructure, predicting exactly how even small changes will affect the full structure can be a seemingly insurmountable challenge, but with APTARE IT Analytics, it becomes just another part of routine maintenance.

IT Analytics provides in-depth visibility and insights into the full IT environment. When a new technology is added, IT Analytics shows exactly what the addition affected and how to resolve any issues quickly and easily. The IT Analytics Intelligent Solutions, the Risk Mitigation Solution and the Storage Optimization Solution, comprehensively address any and all problems that might arise from technology introductions, even tracking resolutions so you can refer back to them as needed.

But, as we know, issues resolution is only half of the equation. Especially during new product integrations, detailed reporting is a likely request from the enterprise. APTARE IT Analytics provides detailed audit trails of all changes, updates, and improvements, providing you with everything you need to quickly and easily report on the status of the IT infrastructure.

Taking Advantage of New Resources with IT Analytics

With APTARE IT Analytics, you won’t simply survive new product integrations, you will thrive through them, immediately leveraging your new capabilities with ease. IT Analytics is designed to help you maximize your resources, and that includes new products.

Don’t wait, harness the power of your IT infrastructure today. Contact us for a demo of IT Analytics, and find out how you can leverage your current resources, prepare for new integrations, and enjoy a seamless technology introduction.

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