Proving the Value of Efficient Storage

Friday, February 1, 2019

The value of effective storage management has long been a well-established principle within the world of IT, and in recent years, its value to the enterprise as a whole has become better understood and more frequently considered. While this recognition of the importance of a healthy storage environment is a huge benefit to enterprise IT, it does create new challenges for the average IT professional. Namely, the cost-savings associated with effective storage management become subject to scrutiny.

While examination of storage savings might seem like nothing more than a hassle, we actually consider this scrutiny to be a relatively new but still key part of the IT administrator’s role. The provision of business-oriented results has become and will continue to increase in importance. Fortunately, the requested metrics are no longer a challenge to attain. APTARE IT Analytics provides comprehensive reporting and broad and deep analytics, giving IT professionals every metric needed to prove the value of high-performance storage.

Storage Management that Clearly Shows Cost Savings

If you want to provide the metrics needed prove business results from your IT environment, gaining and maintaining control of all of your resources is the best way to start. APTARE IT Analytics provides both high-level and drill-down storage resource management, both of which are necessary parts of a well-managed storage environment. With IT Analytics, IT professionals are given access to a comprehensive product suite designed to deliver actionable insights from across heterogeneous IT environments. IT Analytics is completely vendor-agnostic, meaning that it treats data from the public cloud the same as data from on-prem servers. IT Analytics places everything that makes up the IT environment into your grasp.

Once your storage resources have been reigned in and fully accounted-for, you can begin the process of reporting your IT successes. APTARE IT Analytics gives users access to a wealth of different metrics that reveal current usage of all resources. In addition to current use, IT Analytics keeps an exact record any and all changes made to the IT structure for future reference, charting out the results of changes made for your convenience. This method of tracking changes gives you the information needed to estimate storage savings with near-pinpoint accuracy. Additionally, the tracked changes are fed into predictive analytics that reveal new paths for future improvements.

Provide Real Data on Your Storage Improvements

With APTARE IT Analytics, reporting cost savings is no longer a chore, but a way to demonstrate the value of a high-performance IT structure in a meaningful way. Whether you are operating the IT structure of a major enterprise with resources scattered between private cloud, public cloud, and on-prem, or you are attempting to enact cost saving measures for a rapidly-growing company, APTARE IT Analytics provides you with both real data on enacted IT optimizations and clear paths towards further optimization.

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