Risk Mitigation with APTARE IT Analytics 10.2

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Protect Vulnerable Data and Improve Overall Performance

It’s not always easy to tell when your data is at risk. Your storage structure might seem to be operating smoothly when it’s actually only a few common errors away from a failed backup or a loss of critical data. As any IT administrator will likely know, data loss of any kind can be catastrophic for any enterprise, so minimizing the risk of data loss is a high priority when building a successful IT infrastructure.

APTARE has a long history of playing a part in the building of solid IT structures, and risk mitigation is one of the concepts that we like to focus on most. With our sights set squarely on reducing risk, we’re proud to announce our latest enhancement to IT Analytics, release version 10.2.. Feature Pack 2 includes many new compatibilities and tools, among the most notable, our Intelligent Solutions. The Intelligent Solutions are the result of combining thorough data analysis and customer input to create solutions for common damaging problems.

The Risk Mitigation Solution

One of APTARE’s Intelligent Solutions, Risk Mitigation, is designed to improve the way data is stored by ensuring its safety through detailed analytics and information. The Risk Mitigation Solution analyzes your storage environment and creates graphics that display where data may be at risk. Whether risk is prominent in backup operations, recovery operations, or storage, the Risk Mitigation Solution can uncover any problems that might put your data in jeopardy. In doing so, it helps you prevent potentially devastating complications, such as critical application downtime or loss of valuable data.

The Risk Mitigation Solution includes two fully customizable report templates that allow it to be tailored to any storage environment, the first of which is Risk Mitigation Analysis. Risk Mitigation Analysis creates and displays an interactive chart of risk categories, identifying opportunities to reduce risk. The second, Risk Mitigation Trend, displays risk mitigation trends over time, allowing users to distinguish risk-prone areas and assess parts of the enterprise that may be at risk of failing to meet data protection objectives. Risk Mitigation Trend can easily be configured to search for specific conditions, so it can be used for a wide variety of different purposes.

As with the other tools included in APTARE IT Analytics 10.2, the Risk Mitigation Solution is completely integrated and can used in conjunction with the other Intelligent Solutions to manage data and business analytics as well as backup compliance and storage performance.

Fully Control Your Data

Even just serviceable data protection is an invaluable part of any storage environment, but our Risk Mitigation Solution allows you to far exceed simply ‘serviceable’ when it comes to data protection. It gives you complete control over how your data is stored, ensuring that every part of your storage structure is totally protected. APTARE IT Analytics  10.2 is designed to help you get the absolute most out of your storage environment, because we make it a point to get you the information you need to best utilize your assets.

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