Solving Large-Scale Enterprise IT Problems

Friday, November 30, 2018

In a world where on-prem servers must frequently work in conjunction with both private and public clouds, ensuring that your IT environment is operating efficiently can be a challenge, to say the least. As the size of the IT structure increases, so does both the difficulty of ensuring efficiency and the importance of efficient resource use. It’s not unheard of for large enterprises to be throwing away millions of dollars in unused IT resources without even realizing it, not to mention the costs of litigation if client data is put at risk through poor management.

When operating enterprise IT structures, the value of a platform-based approach has become more and more apparent in the last several years. Especially as your enterprise grows and environment complexity and data requirements increase, the importance of complete asset management cannot be understated.

APTARE IT Analytics takes a vendor-agnostic approach to data analytics that makes it perfect for managing the modern enterprise IT structure. Even when assets are scattered between on-prem servers and the cloud, APTARE IT Analytics consolidates everything into one unified dashboard. This simplifies IT processes across the board, reducing difficult tasks like reporting and compliance from major undertakings to simply a part of routine maintenance.

Alleviate Corporate Concerns Over IT

While operating enterprise IT structures presents multiple unique challenges, one of the most common is keeping up with compliance regulations. Whether regulations are imposed at an industry level or a company level, meeting compliance standards is an important part of maintaining the performance of your IT infrastructure. Unmet compliance goals often lead to failed audits, fees, and business loss of confidence, all of which have negative long-term financial implications for the entire enterprise.

APTARE IT Analytics doesn’t simply give you the tools necessary to improve your chances of passing a compliance audit, it provides you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your infrastructure is always audit-ready. At any given time, you can view every success, failure, and partial for any job in IT Analytics. You can view jobs that failed to start, and perhaps most importantly, see which jobs are experiencing consistent failures. In addition to this valuable visibility into successes and failures, APTARE IT Analytics provides clear paths to resolution, simplifying this once-difficult task even further. Throughout issue resolution, IT Analytics creates accessible audit trails, ensuring that after everything is operating as it should, you can revisit resolutions for future reference and proof for auditors.

Building a Better IT Structure

Keeping up with compliance regulations doesn’t have to be a massive project. It doesn’t even have to be an inconvenience. With APTARE IT Analytics, compliance is simple, even for the largest enterprises using the widest variety of vendors. That’s why 30% of the Fortune 100 use APTARE IT Analytics for their IT structures.

It’s never too early to start thinking about how you can stay ahead of compliance regulations. Contact us for a demo, and find out how you can operate a less risky, more efficient IT structure with APTARE IT Analytics.

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