Storage Savings with Multi-Cloud and APTARE

Friday, December 14, 2018

Storage Savings with Multi-Cloud and APTARE

For many enterprises, one of the biggest expenditures in IT is on storage assets. Regardless of vendor, from multi-cloud to on-prem, overspending on storage happens frequently in enterprise settings, as ensuring that the IT environment is prepared for ever-increasing data requirements is paramount. But as any administrator knows, overspending on assets doesn’t equate to data security, it only contributes to over-complication of the storage environment, even potentially increasing risk. This is especially true of complex multi-cloud environments, where assets might be spread between both private and public clouds.

APTARE IT Analytics and Storage Management

APTARE IT Analytics provides visibility into all storage assets, from on-prem to private and public cloud and is completely vendor-agnostic, meaning that IT professionals can view all cloud storage providers in the same dashboard. This feature has only become more important as leading public cloud providers such as AWS have drastically increased in use and popularity.

APTARE IT Analytics delivers the insights needed to improve your public cloud storage. For example, IT Analytics works to supplement the features of AWS, providing useful capabilities and valuable visibility, including:

  • Customization of monetized buckets, providing more accurate chargeback
    • Creates attributes and categories that are meaningful to business units
  • Migration Assessment
    • APTARE IT Analytics can be used to identify on-prem resources that are candidates to be moved to the cloud
    • Reduced retention periods, identifying restores less than two weeks old
    • Substantiates all claims prior to changes, then validates all changes
  • Identification of orphan snapshots and volumes

In addition to the provision of storage insights for AWS, APTARE IT Analytics increases data protection with key visibility into the backup environment. Overestimation of cloud data protection status is a common but critical mistake, as assets that reside in the cloud are still very much subject to data corruption or data changes. With APTARE IT Analytics, IT professionals can monitor and improve backup status and be notified of any backup failures or incomplete backups that occur, increasing data protection status.

Any Cloud

As resources continue to spread from on-prem to hybrid cloud to multi-cloud, the importance of being able to view all resources at once becomes more and more clear. While APTARE IT Analytics provides visibility across any cloud provider, it is not limited to resource monitoring by any means. IT Analytics provides actionable insights for the full IT environment, regardless of vendor. From increasing data protection by ensuring complete backup and improving and simplifying replication to optimizing storage through identification of dark storage and overused hosts, APTARE IT Analytics gives users the information needed to improve IT operations and make informed business decisions.

Whether you’re making your first forays into using the public cloud or you maintain a complex web of resources scattered across several vendors, APTARE IT Analytics provides you with the insights needed to build a robust and efficient IT environment. Contact us for a demo today, and find out how and where you can improve your IT infrastructure.

APTARE—the global leader in IT Analytics—is the only company delivering unified backup and storage insights for heterogeneous IT environments across on-prem and hybrid-cloud