Taking Control of Your Storage Environment

Monday, May 7, 2018

Storage inefficiency is a problem that plagues IT structures of all sizes and types. Whether you’re simply working with on-prem servers or you operate a complex hybrid cloud structure, you can (and should!) expect some level of storage resource misuse. You might be overloading some of your resources while underutilizing others, which constantly puts your data at risk. You may be out of compliance, leading to compounding challenges in maintaining security standards down the road. You might even be at risk of critical failure, causing incredibly costly data loss and devastating your business. To put it plainly, an efficient storage environment can make or break a business.

How APTARE IT Analytics Helps

APTARE IT Analytics 10.2 is the market leader in storage environment analytics. It doesn’t just show you where improvements need to be made; it shows a clear path to real improvements that can instantly save you money, time, and energy. One of the most common problems storage environments face is a lack of efficiency. APTARE IT Analytics can help you reclaim resources , saving you from buying extra storage when you may already have more than enough.

Recovering Dark Storage

Did you know that within any given storage environment, 33-50% of available storage resources aren’t even being used? That means that even if you’re struggling to find space for new data, there’s likely at least a third of your storage being incorrectly reported as “in-use”. APTARE IT Analytics shines a light into your storage environment, helping you uncover the areas that are actually very available.

APTARE IT Analytics displays all available resources in a single “pane-of-glass” offering immediate access to your complete storage environment, and instantly providing insight into billions of files. Using this view of your files, IT Analytics is able to highlight inefficient data use and provide you with a clear and concise solution. APTARE IT Analytics can even identify duplicate and obsolete data, so you can create improved storage tiers.

Common Areas of Improvement

Without APTARE IT Analytics, tracking data inefficiency is next to impossible. By the time you fix one problem, three more will have arisen. That’s why the “pane of glass” view is so helpful! It allows you to solve multiple problems all at once, instead one at a time. Here are just a few of the storage misuses IT Analytics can help you address:

  • Undiscovered LUNs
  • Unallocated LUNs
  • Unused LUNs
  • High Backup Retention Jobs
  • VMs Low CPU
  • VMs Undiscovered Disks
  • VMs Not in VM Inventory
  • VM Ages Snapshots
  • AWS Orphaned Volumes
  • AWS Orphaned Snapshots
  • Overprovisioned Hosts
  • Non-VM Files
  • Inactive Large Files

With APTARE IT Analytics, reclaiming existing storage becomes a simple task instead of a massive undertaking. Don’t waste 33-50% of your storage capacity, contact us today and we’ll set up a demo so you can see firsthand just how much storage is available to you!

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