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Manage All Available Storage Resources on One Platform

As storage requirements increase, managing storage resources becomes more of a seemingly impossible task. Administrators may find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed when attempting to improve efficient resource usage. A complete view of the IT structure's available storage resources can seem unattainable.

APTARE Capacity Manager addresses the storage challenges facing IT administrators first and foremost. The Capacity Manager shows available resources all in one platform, "one pane of glass," giving administrators the information needed to make valuable improvements to the way data is stored. The Capacity Manager allows users to:

  • See historical and current host storage usage
  • Create an accurate trajectory of predictive growth in storage needs
  • View historical and current array capacity and accurately predict future growth
  • See the historical and current storage consumption by any user-defined group (business unit, department, application) and forecast possible future growth trends

By viewing available resources, administrators are able to make lasting decisions that can improve the whole of the IT infrastructure through increased efficiency. Such decisions can cut down spending on unused or underutilized servers, allow for a level of preparation for future storage requirements, and track overall server performance. It also frees administrators to deal with many of the common problems caused by storage inefficiency, including lack of adequate website performance, loss of ecommerce security, overspending on resources, and possibly even loss of user base. Through the insights revealed by the Capacity Manager, administrators can make a wide variety of valuable improvements.

The Console provides end-to-end storage capacity reporting from the hosts to the storage array in order to give administrators greater visibility into the full storage environment, allowing for increases to efficient asset use. Some of the features include:

  • Automated Mapping shows and explains the relationship between each host and LUN, highlighting the specifics of storage resource usage
  • Host Utilization displays the amount of storage capacity allocated and used by each host
  • Array Utilization displays the amount of allocated and used storage on each storage array
  • Application Utilization easily identifies the amount of storage used versus allocated and separated per application

With the insights provided by the APTARE Console, administrators can tailor storage to specifically fit their purposes, minimizing storage resource expenditures and maximizing the effective use of existing resources. Through the storage resource management afforded by Capacity Manager, administrators can immediately address unmet storage requirements and use the Capacity Manager's metrics and trend analysis to plan for the future.

In addition to giving administrators a unified view of their storage environment, the APTARE Capacity Manager boasts a wide array of tools and programs that provide a variety of useful insights. Available tools include:

  • Chargeback Reporting
    • Storage tier chargeback provides reporting on all of the tiers of storage as well as the hosts, LUNs and total capacity associated with each tier.
  • Storage Performance Analysis
    • Tracks the performance of subsystems and related hosts based on data collected from associated arrays and analyzes historical trends.
  • Benchmarking
    • Establishes a benchmark of storage usage and performance as well as the associated costs, so administrators can track trends and analyze the data for future planning.
  • Storage Efficiency Technologies
    • Provides insight into the impact of new deployments and technologies plus assists in verifying that you are getting maximum effectiveness.
  • Full Integration into the Full Console
    • APTARE Capacity Manager is fully integrated into the APTARE Console platform for comprehensive reporting and management of storage and data protection environments.

As administrators know, the more control exerted over an IT structure, the better. APTARE's Capacity Manager tracks key storage and backup metrics collected across the full IT infrastructure, so administrators can use the findings to create fully-informed solutions customized to their IT structure.

Dell EMC ECS Object Storage, Unity, Compellent, XtremIO, Isilon, Symmetrix VMAX/VMAXe/DMX Series, VNX Series, CLARiiON CX/AX Series, Celerra, VPLEX
Hitachi Vantara Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP, VSP G Series, VSP F Series), Hitachi NAS (HNAS), Unified Storage Platform V (USP-V), Universal Storage Platform (USP), Hitachi Unified Storage VM (HUS-VM), Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS), Advanced Modular Storage (AMS) 2000 family
HPE 3PAR, P9500 Disk Array, XP20000/XP24000 Disk Array, XP512/XP1024 Disk Array, StorageWorks XP128/XP10000/XP12000 Disk Array, HP P6000 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) Systems, HP 6400/8400 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA), HP 4000 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) Family, StorageWorks 200 Storage Virtualization System (SVS200)
Huawei OceanStor Enterprise Storage
IBM FlashSystem V9000, Storwize V7000(F), XIV Storage Systems, DS8000 Series, DS6000 Series, DS5000 Series, DS4000 Series, DS3000 Series, N Series, SAN Volume Controller (SVC)
NetApp E-Series, FAS6200 Series, FAS6000 Series, FAS3200 Series, FAS3100 Series, FAS2000 Series, E7900, E5400, E2600, V-Series, Cluster Mode and legacy 7-Mode configurations
OpenStack Ceilometer/Nova, Swift
Oracle Sun Storage 6000 Array Series, Sun Storage 2500-M2 Array
Pure Storage FlashArray
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Capacity Manager is fully integrated into the APTARE® platform and is 100 percent compatible with all of our other products and solutions.

Recoup costs with accurate chargeback reporting

With Capacity Manager, you’re able to associate business data, from department and location to applications and cost centers, to all of your infrastructure assets providing meaningful reporting aligned to the business. With APTARE, you have best-in-class chargeback reporting.

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