Show Business Unit Managers the True Cost of Their Storage Requests


  • Calculates the accurate cost of storage requests across an organization
  • Eliminates tedious manual labor by automatically integrating chargeback data with your billing systems
  • Empowers business unit managers to make better storage decisions
It's the same story over and over. A business unit at your organization is rolling out a new product or is expanding into a new market and requests more capacity from the storage team. What users don't understand is that while the cost of purchasing storage is on the decline, the cost of owning storage is skyrocketing due to growing data protection, security, and compliance needs. What seems like a one-time cost is actually an expensive two- or three- year commitment.

APTARE Enables Chargeback and Showback

Real-time visibility into storage usage through APTARE enables deep understanding of the storage environment, giving your IT organization the information it needs to show the accurate cost of storage requests to business units. APTARE paints a more accurate picture of capacity needs by differentiating between allocated storage versus utilized storage and integrates that information in billing systems for chargeback. Storage can be tracked by tier, by user, or by group—providing even more pricing flexibility.

Empower Smart Storage Decisions

Armed with easy-to-read reports that outline the actual cost of storage requests, business unit managers can see the financial impact of their decisions, be encouraged to change their behavior, and reduce the overall storage budget. The real-time data also allows for more accurate forecasting by tracking and analyzing storage usage over time. Utilization increases as well due to sloppy over-procurement strategies are replaced with smarter policies.

APTARE—the global leader in IT Analytics—is the only company delivering unified backup and storage insights for heterogeneous IT environments across on-prem and hybrid-cloud