APTARE Console's Universal IT Analytics Platform Supports Leading Public Cloud Providers

Are your data centers expanding to include cloud applications and environments?

APTARE Console ensures storage optimization and data protection for your enterprise when your data, hosts and resources are everywhere – on prem and in the cloud. 

As you adopt new technologies to run the most efficient and protected global data centers, APTARE Console provides high-definition reporting analytics in a single-pane-of-glass. 

The cloud presents a new set of opportunities and challenges with additional sources of information and locations to manage. With APTARE’s One Console, you have a unified view of all of your data irrespective of where it resides.

Supporting 40+ market-leading systems, including public cloud providers Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, APTARE Console delivers the most comprehensive and dynamic storage and backup reporting in the market.

Cloud Backup Diagram

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Have you ever thought your critical data was backed up to the cloud only to discover it was never saved and you had overwritten the boot drive so could not recover it? IT organizations need one centralized console to manage all backup environments to effectively reduce risk.  

No matter what systems or platforms comprise your data centers, APTARE Console gives you the knowledge and control you need over your IT resources wherever they reside to reduce risk, plan and optimize capacity, and meet backup compliance and corporate SLAs.

True Costs of Cloud Storage Icon

See True Costs of Storage Consumption for Accurate Chargeback, Utilization, and Forecasting - On Prem and in the Cloud

Discover how much storage your business units are using, what it's costing, and the amount they're projected to use. APTARE Console lets you use native host information from all market leading company systems to report storage allocation. Learn More >

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Increase Backup and Restore Success, and Meet Compliance Requirements Wherever Your Data Resides

Streamline auditing and compliance reporting with standardized, automated data collection across your heterogeneous backup environment. With APTARE Console, identify at-risk data and eliminate "false positives," to increase backup and restore success. Our high-definition analytics give you real-time insight to easily identify backup failures and trends across on prem, cloud and VM environments, and all market-leading backup providers. Learn More >