Cloud Backup Management

APTARE IT Analytics Supports Leading Cloud Providers

Critical data loss is damaging to companies of any size, but it is a completely preventable occurrence. One of the most stressful situations for an IT administrator is the discovery that critical data, thought to be backed up to the cloud was never saved, and ended up being lost to a boot drive overwrite. With APTARE Backup Manager, IT organizations get one centralized console to manage all backup environments, enabling them to effectively reduce risk and improve backup quality. With cloud data centers continuing to increase, being able to view all available resources in one window becomes as critical as the data you manage.

No matter what systems or platforms build the datacenters, APTARE IT Analytics delivers the knowledge and control needed to effectively manage IT resources wherever they reside in order to reduce risk, plan and optimize capacity, plusmeet backup compliance and corporate SLAs. The market-leading APTARE IT Analytics is the key to maximized storage and data protection in the cloud.

If data centers are expanding to include cloud applications and environments, APTARE Backup Manager can drastically improve cloud backup quality, especially by:

  • Discovery of Unprotected Data
    • Reduce exposure of unprotected data by automatically identifying clients and data sets that aren't protected under a backup policy.
  • Identification of Suspect Backups
    • Eliminate "false positives" by identifying partial or failed backups that report as successful by the backup software.

The cloud presents a new set of opportunities and challenges, as it includes additional sources of information and locations to manage. With APTARE IT Analytics, you have a unified view of all of your data regardless of where it resides, simplifying backups by localizing data and providing tools that completely improve backup efficiency and effectiveness. Some of the available tools include:

  • Disk Usage and Performance
    • View and analyze performance of your drives by tracking average job write speed. The report shows cloud storage usage and total gigabytes written to the cloud.
  • Drive Performance Summary
    • View the number of backup jobs and quantity of data written to the cloud.
  • Virtual Tape Library Support
    • APTARE enables customers to plan and predict capacity and utilization from the backup software and VTL perspective with comprehensive reporting on VTL appliances such as Data Domain.
    • Using both CLIs and SNMP, powerful reports provide forecasting and trending of VTL capacity usage over time to help you identify when the VTL may run out of space.
    • Performance monitoring and reporting of the appliance speed, an audit trail for history, and trending and asset management make integrated VTL management easy and intuitive.

APTARE IT Analytics ensures storage optimization and data protection for your enterprise when your data, hosts and resources are everywhere — on premises and in the cloud. As you adopt new technologies to run the most efficient and protected global data centers, APTARE IT Analytics provides high-definition reporting analytics in a single-pane-of-glass, helping you maintain compliance standards through use of:

  • Mission Control Dashboard
    • Intuitively-designed dashboard built for compliance reporting gives you a snapshot status of every server by day using intuitive indicator lights.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
    • Track backup performance against established SLA levels for backup start time, duration, and backup success.

Supporting 40+ market-leading systems, including public cloud providers Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, APTARE IT Analytics delivers the most comprehensive and dynamic storage and backup reporting on the market. Accurate backups are a critical part of any IT structure, and within cloud storage can be used to great effect. APTARE Backup Manager not only simplifies the backup process, it allows for the most accurate backup possible in far less time, giving administrators the tools they need to drastically improve backup quality.

APTARE—the global leader in IT Analytics—is the only company delivering unified backup and storage insights for heterogeneous IT environments across on-prem and hybrid-cloud