Amazon AWS Cloud Management

Use Amazon's Array of Tools with the Highest Possible Efficiency

With cloud storage and computing having secured its permanent IT position, cloud resource management has become an integral, if occasionally overlooked, part of any IT infrastructure. APTARE IT Analytics applies a layer of transparency over your full storage system, delivering important resources and giving you more control over your cloud computing. Whether your structure is scattered in data centers across the world or located in only one city, APTARE is able to provide insights into how your data is stored that would be otherwise unavailable.

As a pioneering force in cloud computing, Amazon AWS is an established and versatile tool. AWS offers an impressive 70 useful cloud services and can be tailored to fit just about any purpose. With so many tools at one's disposal, it can be difficult to keep track of what can quickly become a sprawling IT structure. That's where IT Analytics comes in.

APTARE IT Analytics collects every part of your IT infrastructure and displays it all in one place. APTARE IT Analytics allows you to take control of your ever-expanding data centers and gives you the tools you need to manage your many resources. The end-to-end view provided by APTARE IT Analytics offers valuable insights into your IT structure, fully displaying connections between:

  • Multi-Pathing
  • San Switches
  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Network Storage
  • Backup/Replication
  • Storage
  • File Systems
  • SDK
  • Operating Systems
  • Virtual Environments
  • Volume Managers

Because of the wide variety of tools offered by Amazon AWS, effective cloud management quickly becomes a priority. AWS offers platforms for virtually every circumstance, and while this can help you customize your cloud computing experience, the increase in available tools can easily translate to overly complex and misused IT systems. APTARE IT Analytics allows you to organize even the densest IT structure, reducing what would be hefty undertaking to simple routine maintenance.

While APTARE IT Analytics is a valuable organizational tool, it also boasts a number of other useful features. APTARE IT Analytics displays end-to-end insights into the utilization of your cloud resources, allowing you to improve the efficiency of your entire IT structure without complex analysis. With the insights provided by APTARE IT Analytics, you can tailor your AWS cloud to specifically fit your purposes, minimizing resource expenditure, maximizing effective use of existing resources, and planning for future increases in traffic.

Cloud Backup Diagram

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APTARE IT Analytics takes your scattered storage resources, data, and cloud services and allows you to view them in one place providing valuable insights into your system that can prevent major problems in the future, such as costly outages or loss of valuable stored data. Sometimes critical data is never saved and is lost in an overwriting of the boot drive. When APTARE IT Analytics is in use, you can manage all of your backup environments in one place, reducing the risk of losing important assets through common missteps.

The APTARE IT Analytics window into your cloud storage system is helpful when dealing with the customized structure afforded by Amazon AWS. APTARE IT Analytics allows you to make full use of AWS' many features, while eliminating the difficulties of working with the decentralization of resources. By displaying all your assets and how they relate in one place, APTARE IT Analytics simplifies cloud computing and provides insights for future improvements.

APTARE IT Analytics isn't simply a way to better organize your cloud assets. It can help you completely rethink the way you handle cloud resource management. Amazon AWS, while useful, can be challenging when used without an organizational tool such as APTARE IT Analytics. Whether you're operating with a mix of on-prem servers and cloud storage or you're fully in the cloud, APTARE IT Analytics can help you drastically improve the way your store data and eliminate the risk of losing data through an outage.

APTARE—the global leader in IT Analytics—is the only company delivering unified backup and storage insights for heterogeneous IT environments across on-prem and hybrid-cloud