Microsoft Azure Cloud Management

Get the Most Out of Available Tools While Maximizing Storage Utilization

With cloud storage and computing securing its permanent position in IT, cloud resource management has become an integral, if occasionally overlooked, part of any IT infrastructure. APTARE's Console applies a layer of transparency over your full storage system, delivering important resources and giving you more control over your cloud storage. Whether your structure is scattered in data centers across the world or located in only one city, APTARE is able to provide insights into how your data is stored that would be otherwise unavailable. I don't understand this last sentence. What is otherwise unavailable? Your data? Your insights?

If Microsoft Azure is your cloud platform of choice, APTARE's Console is of particular importance to you. Though Azure's hybrid cloud approach to cloud services is useful and allows for impressively seamless storage integration, it also requires many moving parts and is therefore susceptible efficiency issues. One Console's (the naming is inconsistent with the other content end-to-end view provides valuable insights into your IT structure, fully displaying connections between:

  • Multi-Pathing
  • San Switches
  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Network Storage
  • Backup/Replication
  • Storage
  • File Systems
  • SDK
  • Operating Systems
  • Virtual Environments
  • Volume Managers

Because of Microsoft Azure's many useful features, effective cloud management is nothing short of invaluable. Azure is easily integrated into other existing Microsoft products, such as Office, Exchange, and Windows Server, which, while an extremely helpful feature, can lead to inefficiencies in cloud storage and misuse of server resources. Though the functionality of your system will likely express these shortcomings, actually tracking down the problem can be time-consuming and difficult. The Console doesn't just make finding inefficiencies easier; it virtually eliminates the challenge entirely.

APTARE's Console takes your scattered storage resources, data, and cloud services and allows you to view them in one place providing valuable insights into your system that can prevent major problems in the future, such as costly outages or loss of valuable stored data. Sometimes critical data is never saved and is lost in an overwriting of the boot drive. When the Console is in use, you can manage all of your backup environments in one place, reducing the risk of losing important assets through common missteps.

Cloud Backup Diagram

(click to enlarge for additional details)

Please see Amazon updates The One Console provides a window into your cloud storage system, which is particularly useful when Azure is the platform in use. As the only consistent hybrid cloud, Azure is an impressive platform with a number of useful features. The One Console simply allows you to make full use of the features at your disposal, and eliminates many of the challenges one might face with a hybrid console, namely decentralization of resources. By displaying all of your assets and how they relate in one place, APTARE's Console simplifies cloud computing and provides insights for future improvements.

APTARE's Console isn't simply a way to better organize your cloud assets. It can help you completely rethink the way you handle cloud resource management. Microsoft Azure is an outstanding cloud service, and with the One Console, you can see it perform at its peak. Whether you're operating with a mix of on-prem servers and cloud storage or you're fully on the cloud, the One Console can help you drastically improve the way your store data and eliminate the risk of losing data through an outage.