APTARE® IT Analytics 10 Feature Pack Two (10.2)

The New Standard for Storage Resource Management

Since its creation, the APTARE IT Analytics has been the market leader in every area of hybrid cloud analytics and reporting. It's been used to uncover everything from overprovisioned hosts to undiscovered LUNs to incomplete backups, saving companies from wasting resources or even losing vital customer data. Regardless of storage environment scale, APTARE IT Analytics has helped customers make significant cost savings across their hybrid clouds, mitigate and minimize their exposure to risk, all the while, streamlining the process associated with audits and compliance. The APTARE IT Analytics's many tools and metrics probe just about every facet of your hybrid cloud. For our 10.2 release, we teamed up with our customers to develop new enhancements that continue to further our mission of providing a complete picture of the enterprise storage and data protection environments for both on-prem and cloud computing.

APTARE Intelligent Solutions

APTARE Intelligent Solutions were developed after intensive business analysis and collaborative work with our customers. Using customer data and feedback, we were able to create curated and actionable report templates with analytics for proactive on-prem and cloud IT management. These analytics leverage the data already collected by APTARE to allow administrators to single-out and analyze the performance of specific parts of their IT structure. APTARE Intelligent Solutions include:

  • Risk Mitigation Solution
  • Storage Optimization Solution

As well as all the tools that accompany them.

Risk Mitigation Solution

APTARE Risk Mitigation Solution is designed to protect data through preemptive safeguarding procedures. By addressing the infrastructure risk for backup, recovery, and storage operations, the Risk Mitigation Solution prevents downtime for critical applications and potential loss of critical data. In partnership with the Storage Optimization Solution, the Risk Mitigation Solution supplies both data and business analytics, managing backup compliance and storage performance.

Report templates include:

  • Risk Mitigation Analysis
    • Displays an interactive chart of risk categories, identifying opportunities for risk mitigation.
  • Risk Mitigation Trend
    • Displays risk mitigation trends over time, allowing administrators to uncover risk prone areas and assess areas within the enterprise that may be at risk of failing to meet data protection objectives. Users can configure rules to isolate specific conditions relevant for their environment.
Storage Efficiencies Dashboard

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Storage Optimization Solution

Within a typical IT structure, there are on-prem and cloud resources that are being misused or even completely overlooked, almost all of which can be reclaimed or optimized. APTARE Storage Optimization Solution gives a clear view of storage resources and how they are used. This can done by unveiling dark storage through analytics or by using historical data for multiple data points to build true analytics that support infrastructure rightsizing.

Report templates include:

  • Storage Optimization Analytics
    • Provides drill-down access to details that reveal reclamation possibilities, such as undiscovered LUNs or powered-off VMs, through a graphical representation of analytics associated with configured rules
  • Storage Optimization by Tier
    • Shows potentially reclaimable and non-reclaimable storage, tier-by-tier
  • Storage Optimization Overview
    • Provides a high-level view of reclaimable vs. non-reclaimable storage
  • Storage Optimization Trend
    • Illustrates storage optimization over time
  • Storage Optimization Detail Reports
    • Displays a variety of detail reports that can be accessed via the above reports
Storage Efficiencies Dashboard

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Data Collection Monitoring and Validation

Accurate Data Collection has historically been something of a hassle, requiring administrators to login to the collector server and run various command line scripts to validate the setup of new data collection policies. With the APTARE IT Analytics 10.2, users can now initiate, monitor, edit and validate the live status of data collectors all within the web-based APTARE Portal. Data Collection has been simplified through:

  • Addition of intuitive Data Collection Status and Data Collection Administration pages for easy troubleshooting and resolution, plus new functions to expand the data monitoring scope
Storage Efficiencies Dashboard

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Storage Efficiencies Dashboard

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Storage Efficiencies Dashboard

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Additional Updates

New Vendor Systems for Data Collection

  • Huawei OceanStor
  • EMC Data Domain Storage Collection

Data Collection Enhancements

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8 Support
  • Windows 2016, Red Hat 7, CentOS 7 and SuSE 12 Support
  • Brocade Network Advisor (BNA) 14.x Support
  • EMC XtremIO Expanded
  • EMC Avamar Utility Node Collection
  • HP 3PAR Version 3.3.1 Support
  • HP 3PAR Volume Capacities by Tier (CPG) Collection
  • HP 3PAR Virtual Volume and CPG Deduplication and Compression Collection
  • EMC Data Domain Backup VTL
  • Veritas NetBackup 8.1 Support

Portal Improvements

  • Data Collection Monitoring and Validation
  • New Sparkline Type for Charting
  • Impersonate Feature
  • New Inventory Category for SQL Template Designer and Dynamic Template Designer
  • Oracle Java 2 Standard Edition SDK updates
  • Apache HTTP Web Server
  • Apache Tomcat Java Servlet Engine
  • Logging User Activity in the Portal
  • Single Session per User
  • EMC Symmetrix Unisphere 8.3 Support
  • Consume vCenter Datastore Cluster Object and Relationships
  • Microsoft Azure Backup Support
  • CPU Utilization Default Grouping Updates
  • Time Period Quick Filters
  • Inventory Host Hierarchy Displays Subsystem Vendors
  • Inventory Objects - Configuring Global Default Object Selection
  • Linux Host File Analytics Meta Data Collection Improvements
Forecasting Icon

See True Costs of Storage Consumption for Accurate Chargeback, Utilization, and Forecasting

Discover how much storage your business units are using, what it's costing, and the amount they're projected to use. APTARE IT Analytics version 10 lets you use native host information from companies like Hitachi Data Systems to report storage allocation. Learn More >

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Future-Proof Storage Management with APTARE SDK

Only APTARE IT Analytics offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) that lets you onboard and integrate any of your future or custom-built storage and data protection systems—in days. Regardless of how you expand and change your infrastructure in the future, with our SDK, you're ensured analytics for your whole environment—today and tomorrow. Learn More >

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Collect Data from Market-Leading SDS Technologies

SDS is a game-changer for the storage ecosystem. Many IT organizations are adopting OpenStack Swift to create object storage resources in their private, public, and hybrid clouds.

APTARE IT Analytics enables you to collect metadata from each element of the Swift resource chain, giving you deep analytics and interconnected insights across your entire data center. This data collection capability helps improve utilization and performance, and reports on data protection for chargeback, compliance, SLA management, and other activities. Learn More >

Expand Insights with New Dynamic Charting Engine and Inventory View

With APTARE IT Analytics Inventory Navigator feature, you can explore, search, and find information about individual devices within your infrastructure, gaining an accurate picture of the assets discovered within your data center. This inventory allows you to view asset counts, explore trends, and monitor capacity and system-level information. You'll get a bottom-up view of capacity, utilization, performance, and compliance information—with just a few clicks.

Inventory Datastore

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