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Simplify Storage Area Network Infrastructure with Ease

The Storage Area Network (SAN) infrastructure in most organizations is prone to becoming extremely complex and unwieldy. As servers, Fibre Channel switches, and storage systems are added and subtracted from the SAN, problems can accumulate throughout the IT structure. The resulting complexity makes fully understanding the current configuration of the SAN nearly impossible for storage administrators. The APTARE's Fabric Manager is major step in simplifying even the most complicated and intricate SAN infrastructures.

The Fabric Manager provides confident forecasting by capturing key performance metrics and details of SAN resources across every used platform. This simplified view of SANs allow for increased control over available resources and improvements in the way those resources are allocated. With the APTARE Fabric Manager, storage administrators can now view the entire SAN topology with ease, allowing them to:

  • Visually see all the components comprising the SAN, including servers, switches, and storage systems
  • Drill down to see exact switch configurations and connectivity
  • Trace paths through the SAN to determine current routing
  • Identify bottlenecks and hot spots and clearly delineate storage pathways
  • Test proposed changes to the storage infrastructure before deployment, allowing for identification of disruptive changes and cause and effect results and analysis of these trends for future use
  • Improve management efficiency from a single dashboard, gain SAN control by mapping topology, proactively managing, and monitoring changes to optimize performance

SAN Pathway Management

One of the key problems in a SAN is the difficulty of understanding the end-to-end paths from a given server to its attached storage. Pathway visibility has grown more important and difficult over time. Most SAN environments were, at one time, made up of only a few large servers, but with the proliferation of rack mount and blade servers, each with the ability to run multiple virtual machines, the days of easy accessibility in SAN pathways have passed.

The APTARE's Fabric Manager is specifically designed to meet the challenges stemming from new servers. With a built-in "host to storage interactive dashboard," the Console Fabric Manager illustrates the path from a physical or virtual server through the SAN to its SAN storage, reducing what was once a significant, time-consuming undertaking to a regular maintenance task.

The Fabric Manager includes useful SAN resource management tools, such as:

  • A graphical rendition of the SAN from the physical server or virtual server to the storage systems
  • The complete path and port information through the SAN
  • Current zoning information for the server

Optimized SAN Performance

Application performance is critical to conducting business in the age of the Internet, and foremost in dictating application performance is the underlying I/O performance of the SAN storage connected to the application. The Console Fabric Manager allows administrators to improve management efficiency and gain control of SAN infrastructure through:

  • Mapping the SAN topology
  • Proactively managing, and monitoring changes to the SAN fabric
  • Optimizing SAN performance

The APTARE Fabric Manager captures and reports on key performance metrics for the SAN, including I/O response times, queue depths, throughput, and read/write statistics. The Fabric Manager improves performance SAN performance by uncovering any errors that cause performance problems and allowing administrators to better load balance the SAN ports on storage arrays to ensure consistent performance.

SAN Change Management

One important requirement in monitoring an SAN is the ability to understand changes to the SAN topography and be notified when these changes take place. The APTARE Fabric Manager includes a complete SAN change management feature along with a feature that notifies administrators of any and all changes. Change management features include:

  • User registration for SAN change notifications
  • An ability to list SAN fabric changes for specific time periods
  • Dependency analysis to show how changes affect the SAN.

The APTARE Fabric Manager is a necessity for improving the integrity of the SAN infrastructure. The Fabric Manager's user-friendly interface allows for easy and flexible configuration and accounting setup as well as full reports on total port usage and data volume.

Brocade Brocade Fibre Channel Switches, DCX Backbones with Fabric OS (FOS)
Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches and Directors
EMC Connectrix Switches, Connectrix Directors

Fabric Manager is fully integrated into the APTARE IT Analytics platform and is 100 percent compatible with all of our other products and solutions.

Capture key performance metrics and details of SAN resources

Forecast with confidence from the analysis and usage reports that Fabric Manager displays with interactive charting. Test proposed changes to the storage infrastructure before deployment, identifying disruptive changes, trend analysis and cause and effect results.

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