IT as a Service

Provide Your Customers Security While Improving Performance

Over time, any IT provider is likely to see their infrastructure requirements shift and change according to the needs of their customer base. While one day a storage environment could be completely optimized, an increase in users could spell serious problems for the IT structure, resulting in:

  • Overprovisioned Hosts
  • Failed Backups
  • Arrays going over capacity
  • Lost data or even full blackouts
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APTARE Console is designed to help administrators completely revamp their storage environment. From planning for future growth to uncovering and reclaiming even the smallest loss of data, the Console is the perfect tool to help administrators improve any IT structure and provide the best possible service for their customers. The Console contains a versatile but fully integrated Product Suite that allows insight into every part of the storage environment. The Product Suite includes:

  • Capacity Manager
    • See historical and current host storage usage
    • Create an accurate trajectory of predictive growth in storage needs
    • View historical and current array capacity and accurately predict future growth
    • See the historical and current storage consumption by any user defined group (business unit, department, application) and forecast possible future growth trends
  • Backup Manager
    • Reduce the exposure of unprotected data by automatically identifying clients and data sets that aren't protected under a backup policy.
    • Eliminate "false positives" by identifying partial or failed backups that report as successful by the backup software.
  • Fabric Manager
    • View all the components comprising the SAN, including servers, switches, and storage systems
    • Drill down to see exact switch configurations and connectivity
    • Trace paths through the SAN to determine current routing
    • Identify bottlenecks and hot spots and clearly delineate storage pathways
    • Test proposed changes to the storage infrastructure before deployment, allowing for identification of disruptive changes and cause and effect results and analysis of these trends for future use
    • Improve management efficiency from a single dashboard, gain SAN control by mapping topology, proactively managing, and monitoring changes to optimize performance
  • Replication Manager
    • Compare replication policies to actual replication events and monitor recovery point objectives
    • Examine the stability of mirrored data on replication volumes to make sure it is adequately protected and not subject to data corruption
    • Ensure recoverability status of split mirror volumes before rollback operations
    • Determine replication consistency for applications and databases that span multiple volumes
    • Generate automatic notification in the event that mission-critical data replication falls outside its recovery point objective
  • Virtualization Manager
    • Ensure that a virtual machine is on the correct tier of physical storage
    • Determine if each virtual machine has the right amount of resources needed to meet performance objectives
    • Identify potential contention issues that directly affect the performance of a virtual machine
  • File Analytics
    • Provide insight into billions of files
    • Highlight inappropriate data use
    • Operate within compliance and legal regulations
    • Identify duplicate and obsolete data for improved storage tiers

Each of these extensive platforms are designed to work in conjunction with one another, providing administrators with a single, unified "pane-of-glass," reducing time intensive and difficult improvements and corrections to simple tasks that can be completed in only a fraction of the time.

With new technologies emerging constantly, IT can be a distinctly competitive field. APTARE Console and its insights give users a unique edge, allowing administrators to maintain an edge over their competitors by maintaining their systems and structure far beyond what is possible without the Console. The Console is a market-leading platform that propels its users toward an efficient and powerful IT infrastructure capable of handling whatever is thrown at it.

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Optimize Customer Billing

APTARE tracks raw, allocated, and utilized storage across customer environments, ensuring that chargeback reports are accurate. This data can be automatically integrated within your billing systems, providing a unified, flexible reporting environment. APTARE gives IT service providers and internal IT organizations the confidence to accurately charge for storage usage. Learn More >

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Meet SLA and Compliance Requirements

APTARE streamlines the auditing process by tracking data from end-to-end as it flows through the data center, identifying events that could impact SLAs or compliance requirements. You can set alerts to make sure that important triggers get through the noise and are addressed quickly and efficiently. Learn More >

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Increase Operational Efficiencies

With APTARE, you can reduce operational expenses by automating management processes. Completing a task, such as reporting on backup status-in minutes, not hour-saves you money. You gain greater insight into customer storage needs and usage, plus the ability to optimize delivery of multi-tenancy storage, so you can provision with confidence and reduce your hardware expenditures. Learn More >

APTARE—the global leader in IT Analytics—is the only company delivering unified backup and storage insights for heterogeneous IT environments across on-prem and hybrid-cloud