IT as a Service

Delivering optimized IT services to customers is your business. With APTARE, you can track key storage and backup metrics collected across your complex IT infrastructure. Information is consolidated in a single dashboard to be viewed, analyzed, and exported as intuitive, easy-to-read reports. APTARE's single-pane-of-glass view gives you the visibility to optimize your customer billing, meet SLAs and compliance requirements, and increase operational efficiencies. Learn More >

IT As A Service Dashboard

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Optimize Customer Billing

APTARE tracks raw, allocated, and utilized storage across customer environments, ensuring that chargeback reports are accurate. This data can be automatically integrated within your billing systems, providing a unified, flexible reporting environment. APTARE gives IT service providers and internal IT organizations the confidence to accurately charge for storage usage. Learn More >

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Meet SLA and Compliance Requirements

APTARE streamlines the auditing process by tracking data from end-to-end as it flows through the data center, identifying events that could impact SLAs or compliance requirements. You can set alerts to make sure that important triggers get through the noise and are addressed quickly and efficiently. Learn More >

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Increase Operational Efficiencies

With APTARE, you can reduce operational expenses by automating management processes. Completing a task, such as reporting on backup status-in minutes, not hour-saves you money. You gain greater insight into customer storage needs and usage, plus the ability to optimize delivery of multi-tenancy storage, so you can provision with confidence and reduce your hardware expenditures. Learn More >