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Curbing the Capacity Challenge

Curbing the Capacity Challenge
6.19.2015—One of the many challenges enterprises face today is what to do with the large amounts of data they collect and generate. Sifting through this data to decide how much of it is relevant can be as daunting a task as finding a means of storing it. Several businesses have found themselves in a situation where data is continuously pouring in, but their capacity to store it is being pushed to the brink.

Powering The Cloud - ewolucja w data center

Powering The Cloud - ewolucja w data center
11.19.2014—Powering The Cloud to cykliczna impreza goszcząca firmy z branży sieciowej pamięci masowych raz wirtualizacji oraz sieci. W tym roku do Frankfurtu przyjechało 126 wystawców, a motywem przewodnim spotkania była przyszłość centrów danych.

Aptare se positionne en alternative aux outils SRM des géants du stockage

Aptare se positionne en alternative aux outils SRM des géants du stockage
11.7.2014—A l’occasion du récent salon Powering the Cloud qui se tenait les 28 et 29 octobre à Francfort, LeMagIT a rencontré Rick Clark le CEO et fondateur d’Aptare, un éditeur spécialisé dans la gestion du stockage (ou SRM, pour Storage Ressource Management).

Aptare StorageConsole 9 Feature Pack One

Aptare StorageConsole 9 Feature Pack One includes support for EMC Isilon and self-service custom reporting
7.28.2014 — APTARE, Inc., in data center optimization software, announced a new release of its platform, StorageConsole 9 Feature Pack One.

APTARE - How Effective is Chargeback in Changing User Behavior?

APTARE - How Effective is Chargeback in Changing User Behavior?
5.20.2014—Chargeback is the really only true way to effect change to the user, right, to get the user to do something, a.k.a., actually delete some stuff.

63% Growth in Customer Acquisition

Top Fastest Growing Storage Companies in 2013
2.5.2014—They are all privately held and about never reveal their sales. But a bunch of them have published press releases demonstrating their growth in percentage of bookings or in number of customers. We have classified here these firms depending on their published growth.

63% Growth in Customer Acquisition

63% Growth in Customer Acquisition for Aptare in 2013
2.4.2014— Now with 1,100 clients

What's in store for storage in the year ahead?

What's in store for storage in the year ahead?
1.14.2014—The ink is barely dry on the final deals from 2013 but the industry is already looking ahead at what will be flying off the shelves in 2014. And when it comes to storage, some of the trends that will take centre stage are those that have already turned a number of companies, and individuals, into success stories.

APTARE - Are you using Shameback

APTARE - Are you using Shameback
12.18.2013—My personal opinion has been that chargeback, full chargeback, because we have some sort of half steps, something in the U.S. we call shameback where you just do the reporting and then just shame the people into better behavior, but my opinion is that a full chargeback is the only true way to drive user behavior.

Computer Woche

Speichermesse zeigt viele neue Architekturen
11.5.2013—Storage bleibt spannend. Die Hersteller versuchen mit unterschiedlichen Herangehensweisen die Performance-Probleme im Speicherbereich zu beheben und der Datenvolumina Herr zu werden.

Storage Switzerland

Storage Management - It’s Back on the Shopping List
10.25.2013—Storage management tools have sometimes been viewed as a “nice to have” tool by many IT infrastructure planners, however, given all the complexities with efficiently managing resources in today’s highly virtualized server environments, it is quickly turning into a must have. APTARE is one of the few vendor independent storage management application providers left in the industry.

Next Gen Aptare Platform Bringing Storage and Backup Analytics to Cloud
10.8.2013—APTARE, Inc. announced its StorageConsole 9.0.

APTARE brings storage analytics to the cloud with StorageConsole
10.1.2013—APTARE Inc. today upgraded its StorageConsole backup and storage analytics suite, enabling customers to store and retrieve reports from the cloud.

How to Build a Long Term Relationship
8.1.2013—APTARE's Nigel Houghton looks at helping end users achieve permanent value beyond a one-off IT assessment.

APTARE: Enterprise Storage Reporting, Monitoring, and Alerting Podcast with Walt Duflock
6.17.13— In episode 180, Douglas Brown interviews Walt Duflock, Vice President of Marketing at APTARE, to discuss the enterprise storage environment. Walt explains the APTARE enterprise storage reporting, monitoring, and alerting solution, how it works, its benefits, what makes it stand out over the competition, and much more.

10 Hot Products From EMC World To Hit The Storage Scene
5.14.2013--EMC World 2013 was a big departure from the EMC World 2012 conference. Even so, there was no mistaking the interest from the crowded solutions pavilion in the Las Vegas Sands Convention Center where EMC and its friends both large and small regaled attendees with a wide range of new storage hardware, software and services.

Interview with Rick Clark, President & CEO of APTARE
5.8.2013--What are the major industry trends you’re seeing today?
RC: We see a major shift away from on-premises computing in customer data centers and toward public/private cloud resources.

APTARE Highlights Key Opportunities for Resellers
4.22.13—The channel can help itself through a proactive approach to IT project engagement, says APTARE – and its customers. The storage specialist cautions IT service providers that there is a "diminishing requirement" for traditional storage resource management work, reflected by a big drop in customer interest in such projects in recent years.

Six storage projects your customers need your help with
4.3.2013—Virtualisation and online services are changing the storage landscape, and the industry is moving away from SRM in favour of more effective management and monitoring technologies.

APTARE Validated by EMC
3.27.2013—APTARE, Inc. announced that its StorageConsole is tested and validated as part of an EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure solution.

APTARE—the global leader in IT Analytics—is the only company delivering unified backup and storage insights for heterogeneous IT environments across on-prem and hybrid-cloud