APTARE StorageConsole Technical Documentation

APTARE StorageConsole technical documentation is version specific. Our fully searchable library supports wildcard and partial searches enabling you to quickly locate the information you require across all our technical content. All published versions are accessible through a Google search.

Starting with release 10.1.01, the Database Programmer's Reference is automatically-generated and available within the SQL Template Designer. It's posted here as a PDF for your convenience. 
Starting with release 9.2.01, release notes are published separately. This allows for dynamic patch-related updates.

Release 10.1.01

Release 10.1.00

Release 10.0.01

Release 10.0.00

Release 9.2.01

***Please Note:  There is an issue with NBU and 9.2.01 P3, P4 and P5.  If you have one of these versions please see this TECH NOTE***

Release 9.2

Release 9.1.01

Release 9.1