APTARE Agent-less Data Collector Software Development Kit (SDK)

APTARE is the first and only independent IT analytic solution that gives you an SDK to onboard and integrate your heterogeneous storage, data protection, virtualization, and public cloud environments. APTARE is breaking the mold of the array onboarding process by opening our SDK to array vendors, partners and customers. You can use the APTARE SDK to onboard and integrate new storage systems you need, when you need them.

Giving new meaning to 'collect from anything'

With the APTARE SDK, you and your vendor partners can extend support to include the infrastructure that is most critical to your operations. APTARE data collectors are vendor/product specific, for example EMC VPLEX, HP 3PAR or OpenStack Swift. When new vendor/products are required, connections must be made between the new product and StorageConsole. With APTARE SDK, build a Connector, deploy it on your StorageConsole portal, have it interface with the APTARE database, and see analytics for all of your infrastructure through a single-pane-of-glass.

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