Protect your existing and evolving IT investments with the broadest and deepest support for your storage and data protection systems.

Without metrics and usage visibility across complex infrastructures, exploding data and indiscriminate backups strain over-burdened IT resources. In addition, countless compliance and capacity requirements force IT organizations to constantly wrestle with these challenges:

  • How much storage capacity do we have?
  • Who's consuming it and at what rate?
  • How can we avoid overprovisioning storage and buying more too early?
  • Were backups completed successfully, and did they meet compliance requirements?

APTARE® StorageConsole offers you unmatched and comprehensive IT analytics. It's the only open, extensible platform and product suite you need to optimize your infrastructure, meet compliance and SLA requirements, and reduce costs.

IT as a Service

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Storage Efficiencies

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Backup Compliance

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