APTARE® StorageConsole 10

With APTARE StorageConsole 10, your IT organization gains actionable, high-definition analytics. This market-leading platform lets you easily adopt new storage and data protection solutions that address rapid growth, declining budgets, and pressures to reduce costs.

APTARE StorageConsole 10 is the industry's only vendor-independent, open, and scalable IT analytics platform. It extends its unmatched functionality and single-pane-of-glass view with support for OpenStack, software-defined storage (SDS), Flash, and hybrid infrastructures.

Storage Efficiencies Dashboard

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Forecasting Icon

See True Costs of Storage Consumption for Accurate Chargeback, Utilization, and Forecasting

Discover how much storage your business units are using, what it's costing, and the amount they're projected to use. APTARE StorageConsole 10 lets you use native host information from companies like Hitachi Data Systems to report storage allocation. Learn More >

Future Proof Icon

Future-Proof Storage Management with APTARE SDK

Only APTARE StorageConsole 10 offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) that lets you onboard and integrate any of your future or custom-built storage and data protection systems—in days. Regardless of how you expand and change your infrastructure in the future, with our SDK, you're ensured analytics for your whole environment—today and tomorrow. Learn More >

Collect Data Icon

Collect Data from Market-Leading SDS Technologies

SDS is a game-changer for the storage ecosystem. Many IT organizations are adopting OpenStack Swift to create object storage resources in their private, public, and hybrid clouds.

APTARE StorageConsole 10 enables you to collect metadata from each element of the Swift resource chain, giving you deep analytics and interconnected insights across your entire data center. This data collection capability helps improve utilization and performance, and reports on data protection for chargeback, compliance, SLA management, and other activities. Learn More >

Expand Insights with New Dynamic Charting Engine and Inventory View

With APTARE StorageConsole 10 Inventory Navigator feature, you can explore, search, and find information about individual devices within your infrastructure, gaining an accurate picture of the assets discovered within your data center. This inventory allows you to view asset counts, explore trends, and monitor capacity and system-level information. You'll get a bottom-up view of capacity, utilization, performance, and compliance information—with just a few clicks.

Inventory Datastore

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