Storage Efficiencies

High Performance Storage Environments Optimally Using Available Resources

Enterprise storage environment management is a vast and convoluted undertaking made only more complicated by the constantly shifting nature of any given environment. Whether the IT structure faces increasing storage needs, contains a great deal of unindexed resources, or both simultaneously, achieving storage efficiency is a milestone far too valuable to delay. Every moment spent allowing the IT structure to function inefficiently is a moment spent squandering resources, and APTARE Console provides the tools necessary to prevent wasteful practices through:

  • Accurate capacity planning for future needs
  • Effective capacity management for current storage resources for both on-prem and in the cloud
  • Complex file analytics which provide administrators a view into how their IT structure operates
  • "Easy Buttons" that provide essential information on where resources are used effectively and where they are misused.

Consistently maintaining storage efficiency is often seen as an out-of-reach pipe dream, but through APTARE Console and its wide array of tools and platforms, complete storage efficiency becomes more than just a possibility; it's s a reality.

Storage Efficiencies Dashboard

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IT Analytics for Hybrid Cloud

As storage environments grow, they become more nuanced and require more attention to keep them in good working order. As the industry's only vendor-independent IT analytics platform, APTARE Console operates in environments of a sizes and styles. The Console provides a unified view, a "single pane-of-glass," that contains deep analytics and interconnected insights across the critical components of the IT structure, both on-prem and in the cloud. APTARE Console's available products include:

  • Capacity Manager
    • See historical and current host storage usage
  • Backup Manager
    • Identify and protect clients and data sets that aren't currently protected under a backup policy
  • Fabric Manager
    • View all the components comprising the SAN, including servers, switches, and storage systems
  • Replication Manager
    • Oversee replication for applications and databases that span multiple volumes
  • Virtualization Manager
    • Determine if each virtual machine has the right amount of resources needed to meet performance objectives
  • File Analytics
    • Provide insight into billions of files
    • Highlight inappropriate data use
    • Identify duplicate and obsolete data for improved storage tiers

Each of these products is designed to work together to provide administrators with a complete picture of their storage environment, identify areas in which they are wasting their resources, and help them enact specific policies, practices, and solutions to improve their overall storage efficiency. Additionally, any solutions that are put into practice by administrators can be stored for future use should the need arise.

Maximum Simplicity

APTARE Console is designed with simplicity and usability in mind. The average storage environment is complicated enough, so why complicate it further. The Console prominently displays metrics and insights so users don't have to spend a great deal of time pouring over multiple complex pages for information. The Console utilizes data collected from a wide variety of different storage environments to identify common problem areas and display them by way of our "Easy Buttons."

By using the APTARE Solution Set,most administrators find that between 25% and 50% of storage resources that are thought to be in use, aren't actually being used. They have used this information to cut their storage costs tremendously as well as improve the performance of their entire storage environment. Some common inefficiencies include:

  • Undiscovered LUNs
  • Unallocated LUNs
  • Unused LUNs
  • High Backup Retention Jobs
  • VMs Low CPU
  • VMs Undiscovered Disks
  • VMs Not in VM Inventory
  • VM Ages Snapshots
  • AWS Orphaned Volumes
  • AWS Orphaned Snapshots
  • Overprovisioned Hosts
  • Non-VM Files
  • Inactive Large Files

When APTARE Console is in use, administrators can swiftly and drastically improve the efficiency of their IT structure, saving time, money, and energy almost instantly. Through the Console, administrators can revive even the most disorganized storage environments with relative ease.

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Enhance Thin Provisioning Across Cloud, Software, and Virtual Storage Environments

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Accurate Forecasting Stabilizes Storage Budgets

Knowing exactly how much storage you have to purchase helps stabilize budgets and eliminate emergency buys. In addition, the need to purchase insurance policies in the form of over-provisioning is less important, since you have a more accurate sense of actual capacity needs. Learn More >

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