Storage Efficiencies

Managing enterprise storage environments has always been a complex job, requiring you to anticipate utilization and capacity requirements globally. Now, with new storage platforms added to the mix, insight into capacity and usage is even trickier. Are you at risk of over-provisioning or making emergency buys? With APTARE, take advantage of dynamic storage architectures, and have confidence that you can evaluate your heterogeneous resources in real-time, over time, and in the context of the business units using them.

Storage Efficiencies Dashboard

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Enhance Thin Provisioning Across Cloud, Software, and Virtual Storage Environments

Let APTARE's heterogeneous analytics give you the information you need to squeeze the most out of hybrid storage resources. You'll gain actionable insight, with consolidated information through a single-pane-of-glass view. Learn More >

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Accurate Forecasting Stabilizes Storage Budgets

Knowing exactly how much storage you have to purchase helps stabilize budgets and eliminate emergency buys. In addition, the need to purchase insurance policies in the form of over-provisioning is less important, since you have a more accurate sense of actual capacity needs. Learn More >