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Backup and Compliance

APTARE Storage Management Suite is a tightly integrated suite of the three core products, Capacity Manager, Fabric Manager, and Virtualization Manager. Corporations worldwide trust and rely on the APTARE Storage Management Suite to minimize their IT cost, mitigate risk, and streamline compliance for both their on-prem and cloud based IT resources.

  • Reduce complexity, proactively manage, optimize performance
  • Increase utilization, reduce consumption, decrease capital expenditures
  • Prioritize business with insight into actual consumption of resources
  • Built-in solutions to identify areas for storage reclamation and risk mitigation
  • View an inventory of all of your datacenter assets by location, vendor, business unit, application or any other attribute

APTARE Capacity Manager

maximizes management efficiency and resources, reduces cost and predicts capacity with precision forecasting:

  • Provide end-to-end storage capacity reporting from hosts to the storage array for greater visibility into the entire storage environment
  • Increase storage efficiency with reclamation of improperly provisioned storage and identifying over-provisioned storage or orphaned LUNs
  • This automated analysis allows organizations to achieve a level of forecast accuracy previously unattainable without this solution

APTARE Fabric Manager

provides forecasting with confidence, capturing key performance metrics and details of SAN resources regardless of platform:

  • Identify bottlenecks and hot spots and clearly delineate storage pathways
  • Test proposed changes to the storage infrastructure before deployment, identifying disruptive changes, trend analysis and cause and effect results
  • Improve management efficiency from a single dashboard, gain SAN control by mapping topology, proactively managing, and monitoring changes to optimize performance

APTARE Virtualization Manager

provides a clear picture of the entire existing virtual environment

  • Determine actual consumption of physical resources in virtual environments by mapping use to the storage array itself
  • The predictive analysis engine forecasts storage capacity needs in virtualized environments based on current usage and growth metrics, leading to a better understanding of how the storage changes at a virtual machine level
  • Optimize performance, proactively managing consumption of resources in real time