Industry Conference

September 18-20, 2017

Veritas Vision, Las Vegas, NV

Veritas Vision is the only industry conference dedicated to helping you protect, organize, manage, and control all of your critical data, so information can power your business like never before. Learn from the organizations and experts that are leading the way. APTARE is a Silver Sponsor this year, find out more about Veritas Vision.


Wednesday, September 27, 11:00 AM PT

Gain Control Over Data Centers Everywhere

Join Jason Buffington and Rich Rose as they share insights and real world case studies to optimize processes and raise the reliability of broader storage and data protection strategies — based on ESG's framework "Five C's of Data Protection"

Tradeshow and Conference

November 29-December 2, 2017

AWS re:invent 2017, Las Vegas, NV

AWS re:Invent is designed to bring together AWS users of all skill levels to connect, engage, and learn more about the latest in cloud technology.