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Plan, Manage, and Optimize Your Virtual Storage Requirements

Today's data centers, while immensely effective for data storage, are often some of the most mismanaged parts of any given IT structure. Server environment virtualization offers great promise in improving the overall efficiency of many data centers, but arbitrarily deploying new applications and their associated operating systems as virtual machines often results misuse of the physical resources building up the virtual environment.

APTARE Virtualization Manager provides valuable insight into understanding storage resource management within a virtualized environment. Virtualization Manager displays current physical storage capacity making up the virtualized environments, allowing administrators to make informed decisions on how to best deploy an application in a virtualized environment. Most importantly, the Virtualization Manager provides a clear picture of the entire existing virtual environment. Through the Virtualization Manager, IT administrators can:

  • Determine actual consumption of physical resources in virtual environments by mapping usage to the storage array itself
  • See which virtual machines are over or underutilizing their allocated storage
  • Understand the overall capacity allocation versus actual usage of virtual storage
  • Use the predictive analysis engine to forecast storage capacity needs in virtualized environments based on current usage and growth metrics, which leads to a better understanding of how the storage changes at a virtual machine level
  • Optimize performance, proactively managing consumption of resources in real time

Improve Virtual Infrastructure Performance

Implementing server virtualization with networked storage, while potentially useful for increasing resource efficiency, is actually prone to inefficiency upon implementation. This potential for numerous small problems makes understanding how to balance networked storage, removing I/O contention across a set of virtual machines, and determining potential I/O bottlenecks all the more important.

The Console's Virtualization Manager allows users to tune each virtual machine to ensure adequate performance to their needs, which can:

  • Ensure that a virtual machine is on the correct tier of physical storage
  • Determine if each virtual machine has the right amount of resources needed to meet performance objectives
  • Identify potential contention issues that directly affect the performance of a virtual machine

The deep insights provided by the Virtualization Manager can easily lead to drastic increases in efficiency within any virtual environment.

Properly Utilizing Every Available Resource

As the number of virtual machines hosted on physical servers grows, virtualized environments can place heavy demands on real resources such as network bandwidth and unused or underutilized storage. The Console Virtualization Manager's insights can help free up storage resources, allowing for increased use of the virtual environment. The Virtualization Manager can help maximize the use of existing storage resources within the data center by identifying unused storage resources as well as resources that are supporting a virtual environment.

Determining the actual usage of physical resources within virtual environments can be a difficult task, to say the least. With the APTARE Virtualization Manager, administrators can determine each virtual machine's actual resource utilization, as well as:

  • Runtime statistics for each virtual machine
  • Storage resource utilization at the file system logical disk and virtual disk level for individual virtual machines
  • Chargeback reports based on virtual machine consumption levels with associated costs based on user-defined pricing

Through the APTARE Virtualization Manager, administrators are given a clear view of the virtual environment via spelled-out resource requirements thoroughly mapped storage use.

Precision Forecasting

As helpful as insights into the current virtual environment are, planning for future resource requirements is immensely important in order to be prepared for growth. The Virtualization Manager features a predictive analysis engine that forecasts future storage capacity needs in virtualized environments. By analyzing current usage levels and numerous growth metrics, the Virtualization Manager simplifies planning for future needs. The Virtualization Manager allows administrators to examine historical and current storage resource allocations for each virtual machine as well as all storage maps. This view into the inner workings of the virtual environment leads to a better understanding of how storage requirements are growing or shrinking at an individual virtual machine level.

The APTARE Virtualization Manager is a valuable tool for exerting control over both individual virtual machines and the virtual environment as a whole. Just like APTARE's other products, the Virtualization Manager is completely integrated in the Console platform and can be used in conjunction with other tools and products to improve storage resource management across the entire IT structure.

Microsoft Hyper-V
VMware ESX, ESXi, vSphere, Virtual Center (vCenter)

Virtualization Manager is fully integrated into the APTARE IT Analytics platform and is 100 percent compatible with all of our other products and solutions.

Meet performance objectives and identify potential contention issues

Balance networked storage, remove I/O contention across a set of virtual machines, and determine potential I/O bottlenecks. With Virtualization Manager you are able to tune each virtual machine to ensure it’s on the correct tier of physical storage and has the right amount of resources needed to meet performance objectives.

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